How Helps in Overcoming Hiring Challenges

Hiring Challenges

A company frequently credits the right team for a project’s success. This is particularly due to the immense and direct effect that they have in shaping the final result of the project and for precisely this reason it is crucial for hiring managers to hire the right people. Recruiting highly skilled professionals who have the right soft and technical skill set can bring success quickly and efficiently. After all, they are the building blocks of creating a great company.

Companies need excellent project managers, software developers, and designers on board in order to make a project successful. This can be done by either hiring an in-house developer or a remote developer.

Since the work ecosystem has been reshaped due to digital transformation, remote work has become the new norm. Although companies wish to hire remote developers who are the right fit for their team, it is easier said than done. Putting out remote software developer jobs posts is not gonna get the job done. This is only the first step, following this hiring managers are expected to sort resumes, screen phone calls, assess their technical skills and the final step is one on one interviews. Regardless of all this difficult process, the recruitment of the best developers is in full swing. Let’s delve into the top five challenges that companies face when hiring.

Top 5 hiring challenges faced by companies

To maximize the hiring potential, companies need to understand what are the challenges that they might face after putting out remote software developer jobs.

  1. Poorly designed hiring processes – It is quite common for companies to bombard developers with long and unnecessary coding challenges, take-home assignments and irrelevant long interviews. Top tier developers simply don’t have time to go through this drawn-out hiring process. They already have a clear understanding of what position they want and what they bring to the table. Unfocused and irrelevant code assessments that are outside of candidate-friendly experience could alienate some of the best applicants.
  2. Tight budget and time frames – If the company is on a tight budget, hiring a qualified professional can be a little difficult. It is no news that the cost for recruiting goes far and beyond. The company is expected to pay in order to encompass recruiting, training, benefits, salary and more. Consequently, all this process takes up a lot of time that can usually be spent on critical core functionalities of the company. It sometimes takes weeks even months to find the right fit for the team. If a particular project requires an immediate joining, then this can become an obstacle that can cost the company significantly.
  3. Talent shortage – Lack of highly skilled software developers due to ever-evolving technologies in the market is another challenge that a company might face. With businesses now carrying over their digital transformation plans, there is high demand for software engineers ranging from computing infrastructure to security. The workforce needs more skilled developers who can help in crucial digital transformation that can boost business outcomes.
  4. Lack of soft skills –  Skills like communication, collaboration, adaptability, and problem-solving are essential soft skills that every team needs. Even with excellent “hard” tech skills, if a developer is lacking the above mentioned soft skills, it can create misunderstanding and frustration during the development process on both sides.
  5. High salary demand – When a company puts out remote software developer jobs posts, there are many applications. But each application has different salary demands depending upon their skill set and experience. Companies might think that going for higher salaries means excellent developers, but that is simply not the case. They should look out for in-depth knowledge of the technology that the potential candidate expertise in and then only go for the competitive pay.

How Turing company solves the hiring problems

The key ingredient for a software project to thrive and grow exponentially is a qualified team of developers. Hence it is really important to hire knowledgeable remote software engineers for the team and in order to do this, a company must overcome the challenges that it might face in doing so. is one of the leading and thriving companies, which assists companies in hiring highly skilled remote developers. They go above and beyond to make sure that you hire a developer who is the right fit for your team.

The Turing hiring process is custom-tailored to suit each company’s demand. They apply a unique combination of human vetting intermingled with AI-powered systems in order to offer top 1% of 1M+ developers who are skilled and eligible. Let’s take a look at how Turing hire solves the hiring challenges faced by companies –

  1. Tailored and streamlined hiring process – Turing company ensures that its hiring process is custom-tailored and streamlined in order to meet each recruiter’s demand. Each developer goes through a series of tests that are code assessments focused, relevant, and offers a candidate-friendly experience.
  2. Quick and cost-effective recruitment – The company offers pre-vetted developers who are ready to work in your timezone. They offer this at an unbeatable price and provide the result in just a matter of days. A company doesn’t need to pay for developer’s training, benefits, salary and more.
  3. Large set of talent pool – The company proved a broad set of talent from around the globe. Companies get to hire the top 1% of 1M+ developers from 150+ countries who have applied through the Turing jobs section. 
  4. AI-powered vetting process – Turing uses a unique combination of human vetting and AI systems to vet the top developers who are best suited for the company. The vetting process ensures that the potential candidate has the right skill and knowledge. This gives you confidence in how they respond under stressful situations or during a heavy influx of workload. 
  5. Cost-efficient – Turing company makes sure that the companies get developers that are affordable and have strong technical and communication skills. 

You can check out reviews that confirm why it is the best company to choose when hiring remote software developers. 


The state of hiring looks markedly different from what it used to look like. Perhaps, it might look even more different further down the line. But no matter what challenges those changes might bring, fixing them will make sure that your company stays efficient and ahead of its competitors.

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