How Grocery Business Can Survive and Thrive in Corona Age

Grocery Business

Let’s go from an old story to a new story. The old story is- Instacart, a grocery delivery app, raised $600 million at a $7.6 billion valuation. The new story is- Instacart app has witnessed a whopping 218% surge in daily downloads in this corona age. The moral of both these stories is the same- the grocery business has the capability to survive through troubled times. The reason is simple- more people prefer to buy groceries online from the retailers who give them deliveries at their doorstep. 

On-demand grocery app development makes it possible for owners of the grocery business. On one hand, the customized on-demand grocery app drives the growth of the grocery business, and on the other hand, it gives a competitive edge to retailers by giving them an opportunity to address a huge audience. Let’s understand how the benefits of on-demand grocery apps that help the grocery business survive and thrive in Corona age. 

How On-demand Delivery App is Beneficial for Grocery Business in Corona Age

1- Smart and effective way to reach a huge audience

People spend more money and time on mobiles than before, and during this pandemic time, people prefer to give orders for all necessary items using their smartphones. In such a situation, there is no point in adhering to traditional grocery shopping websites. Shopping groceries through an app is easy, fast, and convenient for users. Customers can easily find the necessary groceries and give orders in a secure way. 

In this quarantine time, movements are restricted and many countries have implemented lockdown-like situations. Most people across the world stay at home and avoid going to crowded places including superstores and grocery shops. This situation is like a nightmare for brick-and-mortar grocery retailers. They strive to survive in this situation, and the customized mobile app comes to rescue. The on-demand grocery app development is designed to reach a huge audience consists of people who are either forced to stay at home or avoid going out. 

 Also, the on-demand app can enable grocery retailers to manage the delivery process while offering excellent customer services. The doorstep delivery of grocery items is a need of the hour, and the on-demand grocery delivery app makes it possible. 

2- Cost-effective way for advertising and getting more insights

Grocery shop owners face another big issue during this troubled time. They just cannot spread a word about their business because very few customers visit their stores. Also, the cash crunch is prevalent across various markets. In such a cumbersome situation, the on-demand grocery delivery app is useful as a cost-effective and yet efficient marketing tool. Grocery retailers can promote their business through apps by giving app-based discount offers, reward points, coupons, and the like. A digital marketing strategy can be effectively implemented through a feature-rich grocery delivery app. Grocery store owners can get loyal customers with the help of a robust app. 

Another great benefit of an on-demand grocery app is it can collect useful data about the user’s shopping behavior and their likes/dislikes, which is otherwise impossible to get. Grocery retailers can utilize this valuable data to improve their processes, services, and overall customer experience. They can also get insights to make on-time decisions. In a way, the grocery app can serve various objectives of the business including marketing, inventory management, and customer services. Today, people are in search of an app that can fulfill their expectations and provide necessary items conveniently. Grocery retailers can come up with such an app and thrive amid a tough time. 

3- Better ROI through effective monetization strategy

Your on-demand grocery app can fetch and store valuable data on the user’s shopping activities. This data is useful for big or small retailers and even for startups to remain competitive. The brick-and-mortar retailer has no data on the customer’s shopping pattern and needs, whereas the grocery app enables the retailers to get useful data. They can leverage the data for making marketing and business strategies. 

Also, the shopper’s data can help retailers make app monetization strategy. Retailers can keep improving their services to attract more customers and get a higher ROI (Return on Investment) over the period. In this corona age, customers want more convenience and comfort while giving orders for groceries online, and grocers can fulfill their expectations through a feature-rich grocery app to get more business. In a way, having an on-demand grocery delivery app provides a win-win situation for retailers and customers. 

Personalized experiences, app-based promotional offers, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer services are some of the advantages of on-demand apps that cannot be gained in the traditional brick-and-mortar model. Simply put, if you want to survive and thrive amid the recent pandemic times, you need to make your grocery business online through an app. You can not only get increase in sales but also get a loyal customer base that helps you build a brand. All you need to focus on on-time delivery and supply chain management to meet the increasing demands. 

Concluding Remarks

The COVID-19 pandemic has made survival extremely difficult for many enterprises across the world. However, grocery retailers can survive and thrive by having a feature-rich on-demand grocery delivery app. Be it a single grocery store owner or an owner of regional chains, the app can get the grocery retailer closer to shoppers by breaking physical barriers. People just love to give orders online and get delivery at their doorsteps through a seamlessly-performing grocery delivery app in this quarantine age. 

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