Corona Outbreak: an Insight Into the Need to Spur Digitization for Businesses

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With the recent corona outbreak and pandemic, now is the time that businesses need to adapt and spur on their digitization processes. One example would be to make resources available online, as so many people are either working from home or have stayed at home orders. The more your business is digitized, the better equipped you’ll be to service your clients and customers during times of disruption.

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Digital transformation requires rethinking business processes. The novel corona outbreak is now a new reality. Business leaders must share innovations, diversify or forge new partnerships. Learn the importance of adopting digitization during a crisis, such as what we’re now experiencing.

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Offline Businesses Need To Move Some Services Online If Possible

This is definitely becoming a trending scenario over the past few months. Most offline businesses will have some form of an online presence. At least a website and possibly social media accounts.

Now corona outbreak is the time to start to innovate and decide what can be done online with so many people stuck at home and physical businesses closed until further notice. It was mentioned in the intro that you could provide your business resources online.

If you’re a store, you could create an eCommerce website and have your products available for order online. If not your entire inventory, at least your most popular products. For businesses that offer a service, adapting to an online strategy could prove even more natural to transition.

As an example, if you do consult, rather than meeting clients face to face, you could arrange Skype calls or some other form of video chat. It’s all just a matter of thinking outside the norm a little and giving more thought to adapting things into the digital space.

Documents, Contracts, and Paperwork Can All Be Done Electronically

If your business is still dealing with paper documents, there’s no need to be doing so in modern times. These days practically everything can be done electronically, whether it be information, terms and conditions, contracts, letters, and more. It can all be done electronically, and everything can be sent online. There’s little need to cut down a tree to make paper or switch on that printer.

The only part of the electronic document process that might break down is when documents need to be signed. Ordinarily, this would involve the recipient printing out the paperwork, signing it with a pen, scanning it, and then emailing the signed document off to you. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, as you can now take advantage of esignatures. An e-signature is simply a digital form of signing papers and contracts, rather than having to put pen to paper physically. Electronic signatures are safe, secure, and virtually instant.

Can Your Staff Work Remotely?

Having at least some staff members working remotely from home keeps your business up and running during trying times, and it also means you’re keeping the lines of communication open with your clients and customers.

Even if you cannot fully operate under current conditions, so long as you and your brand are still accessible and doing your best to satisfy the needs of your customer base, you’ll still make money, stay afloat, and your customers will be happy. Your staff will also be happy, as they can still earn an income during difficult and uncertain times.

Streamline Your Processes

Streamlining your business processes and workflow is a positive thing no matter what the situation. Sometimes when a crisis strikes, we are all forced to adapt and discover new (and often better) ways of doing what we need to do.

Now is the perfect time to trim off the excess fat while digitizing your business as much as possible. You’ll find your business will be easier to run, with less chance of screw-ups in the processes and an all-around, stress-free work environment. 

Having Options After Things Return To Normal

Lessons will be learned, and innovations will take place during a crisis. What’s important is to remember what was learned during dark times, so you are equipped and ready to keep your business operating should trying times descend once more in the future.

Chances are your business practices will remain altered from now on, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Going digital is the way of the future, so it’s best to embrace it now.

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