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Declutter Your Kitchen and Enjoy The Summer!

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Summer Without The Clutter

Imagine a clean house and a dirty house. Which one makes you feel more at peace? The answer to that question will differ per individual; some folks are known as “hoarders”, and they’ve got rooms packed from floor to ceiling with ridiculous boxes. They may not feel comfortable in a spacious home with everything cleaned up.

However, for most people, getting things clean is a way of simultaneously cleaning your mind. They say that the physical premises surrounding a person in part reflect how that individual’s mind works. A cluttered house may represent a cluttered mind, while a clean home is reflective of an organized headspace.

Beyond preference and psychological applications, though, when there’s a mess, most people feel as though there’s a hidden pressure on them. Can you relax if, at the back of your mind, you know the kitchen cabinets are overflowing with “mess” requiring your attention?

A great way to get around these issues is getting rid of the clutter one way or another. Summer is here, you want to have house parties, you want everything where you can find it, and cleanliness is fundamental. So with that in mind, here we’ll explore a few tactics you can play with to find your balance in terms of decluttered cabinets.


1. Downsizing
Do you really need those dirty shot glasses with the rock band on them you bought at that back-room dive bar in college? Sure, your buddies were in the band; but the band is no more, and it wasn’t a good band, to begin with.

Also, those glasses are dusty and have residue of old liquors all over them. Hadn’t you better throw them out, clean them out, or sell them in a yard sale?

What about those scratched-up old plates? The ones that are the remnants of a once large set, but now only have one or two unrelated dishes getting mixed up with the rest in your cabinets. Do you still need those plates? Or how about all that melted Tupperware the dishwasher was fast to malign. Is it doing any good being stacked in your cabinets?

Go through your kitchen cabinets. Pull everything out. Find the stuff you don’t need. Now, either throw that stuff away or put it in a box to sell at a garage sale. You might donate it to The Salvation Army or Goodwill as well.


2. New Cabinets When Space Is Scant
When there isn’t space to organize properly, it may be worthwhile to simply install new cabinets. Especially if refurbishment or remodel is on the horizon anyway, the cost of the new cabinets may well be offset by expanded property value after installation. Here are some online cabinet options you might consider in decluttering kitchen cabinets through the upgrade.

RTA stands for Ready To Assemble, and describes cabinets that can be sent to your house “to order”.You measure your space needs, plug that information online, then get cabinets of the appropriate size sent to your home. You build them on-site, and voila! No more space issues.

3. Simple Reorganization
There are situations where even though you don’t have any daily use for something like an old shot glass, you do host parties regularly where such items tend to have their place. Throwing them away might not be a good idea. But is it worthwhile to leave all that stuff just lying around inside your cabinets?

Something else you might want to do is pull everything out, reorganize it, and put it back in the cabinets you have. You may find there are all sorts of space you didn’t realize was there; things just needed to be reorganized. For many, this is the best option; but if you’re doing renovation anyway, you might combine this approach with new and stylish cabinetry options.

Clearing Those Cabinets And Your Head

There are times when it’s best to throw some things out. There are other times when you want to keep your possessions, and simply purchase new storage receptacles to store them more efficiently. RTA, or Ready To Assemble, cabinetry can be purchased online and made to fit precisly your premises; that might be an option. Also, you might just need to reorganize.

Regardless, what you don’t want to do is leave a mess by itself. Systems of order descend into chaos over time—that’s one of the laws of thermodynamics. If you leave a mess by itself, it will gradually get worse. Dust will come, so will bugs, things will break; the list goes on. So clear your head this summer. Maybe start by finding how best to declutter those cabinets.

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