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Word to PDF

For the best viewing and reading experience, people are now converting their Word documents to PDF files. Because PDF files are portable and accessible, they are so convenient and easy to view wherever and whenever. Also, this type of file is very reliable since they are uneditable, so everyone with the same file is viewing the same exact content.

If you are thinking of converting your Word files to PDF but do not want to do all the hustle of saving them as PDF one by one, you can go online and convert them in just seconds with just three steps! The best part? You only have to upload them, and the site will do all the work. 

This is your sign to open your internet browser and go to GogoPDF. GogoPDF is a free and user-friendly site that provides PDF-related tools, including conversion, file organization, viewing, editing, file optimization, security, e-signing, and many more. Not yet convinced? Experience it yourself, and you will be amazed! We will guide you all throughout the conversion process, so continue reading. 

  1. Upload your Word file

Before our first step, you have to go to GogoPDF’s Word to PDF conversion tool page. Once you have landed on the website, scroll through the selection of GogoPDF’s tools and services and click the Word to PDF tab.

You will be directed to the tool’s page, where all the conversions will take place. Let us begin the conversion by uploading the Word file. Click the Select Files button at the center, and a window of your device’s file library will pop out. From that, locate your Word File, select it, then click Open. Your Word file will be loaded right after.

Another easy and simple method to upload your Word file is to drag it from the file’s location towards the designated area of the server with your mouse, then drop it. The next thing you will know, your file is already uploaded to the server. Indeed, whatever method you will use in uploading is convenient and quick. 

For free access, you can only upload Word documents one at a time. So if you intend on converting multiple Word files, you will have to convert them one after another. By signing up to their membership plan with Pro features, it is possible to convert many files in one go. GogoPDF offers a free trial to users who are interested in trying the paid plan. You can try them out; there is nothing to lose by checking them out, anyway.

  1. Wait for the conversion to complete

We just started in the previous step, but we are already halfway done! In this step, all we need to do is sit back and chill while GogoPDF does all the work. You would not even feel that you are waiting because it would just be very quick. 

After the Word file is uploaded, GogoPDF will immediately prepare and process your file until it can proceed to conversion. The conversion of Word to PDF will only take a minute or even less, depending on the file size and your internet connection speed. The larger the file, the longer. Nonetheless, GogoPDF has the fastest services. Plus, they ensure that they bring out the best quality. Despite the speed of their work, they never compromise on the quality. This is why their users are always greatly satisfied.

  1. Download and share the PDF File

In just a blink, your newly converted PDF file is now up and ready for download! We are finally on our last step. And with GogoPDF, the best is in the end because you get the output you want with great quality, and their download and sharing services are the best!

To download the PDF file, simply click the Download button, and your file will directly save to your device. The name of your file is retained, but if you want to rename it before downloading and sharing it, you will need access to GogoPDF’s Pro features. 

With GogoPDF, you will have a convenient time not only in converting your file but also in sharing them. The site will always generate a shareable link that you can utilize in sharing your files. Just copy and send the link to your recipients, and they can download your file through the site. You no longer have to upload files one by one to share them with multiple people. This sharing option is so much more efficient, making work so much better!

You can also share and send the file via e-mail and even add a personal message along with it. Click the Mail button and enter the necessary information (e-mail addresses), and we are done! Who knew that conversion is this easy and fast?


We convert our Word files to PDF because we need and want the convenience. The great thing is, we do not have to go through all the hassle and trouble to achieve that because GogoPDF makes our PDF-related stuff so much easier!

You also do not have to worry about uploading your files on the internet and the whole process that comes with it because GogoPDF respects every user’s privacy and security. In compliance with their privacy and data security policy, all uploaded files will be deleted from their server after an hour.

For more PDF-related tools and services, you can always go back to GogoPDF and experience only the best!

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