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Choosing the Best Layout for your Bathroom

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What is the Best Layout for a Bathroom?

Best Layout for a Bathroom

We all know how important it is to have a clean bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing to the person who uses it. Not only does a good bathroom promote excellent hygiene but it also tells others about a person’s level of cleanliness.

Next, comes a bathroom’s design or layout which should have a good arrangement and should not encourage messiness or uncleanliness and this is not a trivial thing since a person on an average spends more than 2000 hours of their lifetime in this place. Before getting into the layout there are some rules for a beneficial bathroom design. Visit the site www.thebestflushingtoilet.com to read full review and buyer guide.

The Postulates of a Meritorious Bathroom Layout

  1. The first thing is the location which should be nearby any water consuming room such as the utility room, the kitchen or other bathrooms.
  2. When planning to build a bathroom, you should keep in mind that it should be placed within easy access to bedrooms.
  3. All the relevant items should be placed in their appropriate positions such as cabinets and mirrors.
  4. The bathroom should have adequate space for free movement in either direction. If all the space is taken by fixtures then there will be problems in moving around for bathing, washing, drying and other actions.
  5. Natural lighting and lighting in general are needed for easy visibility.

Things to Consider Before Building

  • Be sure to install the door handle in such a place where it doesn’t collide with the glass shower cubicle (if you are planning to build one).
  • Nowadays, daily bathing is normal and for many it is considered a pastime, so you could have a separate room for bathing.
  • Try experimenting with designs like lowering or raising the wash basin to accommodate your taste and suit your idea of perfection.
  • If you are going for natural lighting, you will surely need windows but it is your decision to have them etched or patterned. However, if there is no space for a window, maybe due to many fixtures, then you could try a skylight or light pipe if that incorporates well within the design.
  • Dividing your bathroom into dry and wet zones will surely benefit you in the long run. Dry zones consist of every other place than the wet zone. The wet zones are the places that are outside of the shower and the bath which are wet.
  • Be sure to count and check how many people will use it at a time and how much space is really needed. A bathroom layout expert says,”You have to design for the function first, appeal comes second only to function.” If the bathroom is small and you need to fit in the plumbing supplies and fixtures then no need to worry as you can overlap space too. For example, the floor space for the entry to the tub can also be used for the floor area around the toilet.


This is for you to decide whether your shower and bath should be separate in different rooms or they should be combined. But if you are going for the family pack then you should consider buying a shower curtain or screen for privacy. 

Be mindful that purchasing a screen would need constant maintenance with the added cost of a squeegee but if you are like me then you would opt for the shower curtain as it is easily accessible at a low cost. It can also be cleaned easily. 

Moving to the bath, you could have it surrounded from three sides or you could have an island bath which is open from all sides. Be it luxurious built or a simple bath, it is all up to you.

Functional Zoning

Planning a bathroom layout is never easy if you do not have the know-hows of it. Below are a few physical features divided on the basis of their use. These decrease the cost while keeping the quality above par.

  1. Toilet

This is a highly used aspect of your bathroom, but you do not want it to be the main feature of your bathroom. It can be safely and partially hidden behind the entrance door. Placing it beside a vanity or with a closed in dedicated water closet ensures the above objective. Furthermore, in large master bathrooms, a separate room is mostly found with half-walls which close off the toilet and make the place feel open.

  1. Tub

Large tubs with jets are a rarity nowadays. Some can be still found today but no one wants to squander their money on something that wastes water regularly. But if you want one then start planning for a heater for this submarine sized vessel.

bath tub

  1. Vanity

Mostly this area consists of one or two sinks, storage and a countertop. Generally, this place also includes a mirror which can be seen almost everywhere in today’s blueprints of bathrooms. Huge mirror slabs and mirror walls are extinct now. For master baths, residents are losing the duo sinks to get more counter space area. On the flip side, family bathrooms have double sinks which are shared by everyone.

  1. Ventilation

Lastly, you need ventilation to flush out all the bad odours out of the bathroom to keep it fresh to the nose as no one wants to use a bathroom filled with bad smell.

  1. Vent switches

These are automated switches that turn the fans on when air is humid and turns them off after some fixed time.

  1. In-line fans

These provide a huge benefit as multiple fans can be connected to a single duct which produce less noise.

  1. Ceiling mount fans

A metal box which is fitted into the ceiling connected to a vent which goes outdoors.

  1. Wall-mount fans

This unit can be a godsend if there is a living space above your bathroom, fixed to an exterior wall with the motor at the vent’s exit point.

Summing it up

The above information provides you with efficient and cost-effective ways to get the best layout for your bathroom complete with all the accessories and fixtures needed to make it complete in function, design and appeal. Now it is up to you to apply these to your bathroom layout.

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