What Skills and Traits are Needed to Go on and Have a Successful Career in Data Science?

Data Science

One of the fastest-growing career paths currently is data science. The importance of big data to global businesses has never been more salient than it is now. The problem that many businesses have though is sorting through this data to gain actionable insights from it. Data scientists help them do this and are in high demand as a result. 

To forge a successful career in this area though, there are a few things to consider. Having the right qualifications behind you is paramount. This means that choosing to study a suitable and accredited course is key. For many people, the MS in data science from Kettering University is the best option. Kettering consistently ranks highly for graduate career prospects and also offers superb support to its students. 

It is not only about the qualifications you have though. Data science is not for everyone and requires some specific traits or skills to excel in. What might they be? 

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Clear communication

One of the traits that any data scientist requires is effective communication. If you cannot clearly explain problems and how you solved them to people across all levels of business, then it will be an issue. This might involve needing to explain what benefits your solution to a problem brought to the business, for example. Of course, it is also key to be able to communicate with colleagues and work well with other people. 

Advanced math skills

A love for solving math problems and advanced math skills is pretty much essential for careers in this field. This is because data science roles often involve developing complicated operational or financial models for business. If this is something that you do not enjoy, you will not excel or get much out of the job. 

Problem solving

Another trait that any data science role calls for is problem solving. You must have the ability to look at what the data is saying and then find out why or what this could mean for the future of your company. This is not always easy though, and this is why being able to problem solve is crucial. Whether it is the algorithm you created not working or another issue, you will not get far without this trait.

Machine learning and AI skills

The volume of data collected by companies each day now and the awesome computing power at their disposal is astounding. Machine learning and AI is at the forefront of this and something that any data science career will involve. As well as having to understand the problem that needs solving, data scientists must have the skill to use developments such as AI or machine learning to solve it. 

Data science careers call for certain skills and traits

Along with things such as enterprise resource planning, data science is becoming very important to modern-day business. As the above shows though, careers in data science call for some specific traits and skills. This means that they are not for everyone but can be very rewarding if you do possess them.

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