Best VPS better than the shared hosting server

The world has faced the newest era today. The period is described as an era where the people have become faster on mobility, access, and tempo in doing something. All of this change is happened by thriving the quality of the technology and the platforms that support all of the access between man to man from across the world called the Internet. Yup, the Internet is the platform where people can get connected no matter how far they are. The Internet also provides people with access that able to break the concept of time and space. Thus, a lot of people build their online or digital space on the Internet through the website. Website in the online world today has become the second home where people do various of activity starting from the market, socializing activity, learning and tutoring, and also the place to spread up the news. To be able to always performing the perfect performance to the visitor on their website, a lot of people using the service from the various hosting provider. Hosting itself is consist of various type in serving its clients starting from colocation, cloud hosting, shared hosting, vps and the dedicated hosting.

In this article, we are not going to talk about those services as a whole. The focus of our discussion in this article will be going to the best (Virtual Private Server) service. In straightforward ways, you will learn about the best VPS compared with shared hosting, the best (Virtual Private Server) essential aspects, and also the pros and cons of the best (Virtual Private Server) for the website hosting activity. Let’s get started to be more informed about the best VPS below.

Is VPS better than shared hosting?

Is the (Virtual Private Server) better than the shared hosting? To answer this question with straightway, the answer is NOPE, except for pricing. Shared hosting has a lower price than VPS (Virtual Private Server), but that is only on the pricing aspect. What about the performance? Well, the answer is undoubtedly going to (Virtual Private Server) is the best hosting server that able to bring you more advantages from the security, performance, and accessibility aspects. 


Looking from the performance aspect, (Virtual Private Server) is able to give you the best performance ever compared with a dedicated server because on (Virtual Private Server), and you will get the personal space and dedicated resource that you can use to increasing the performance of your (Virtual Private Server) especially on the speed aspect. On the shared hosting, the help is shared together in a single place, and each of the users able to use it at the same time. This condition led the resource to get lower and more limited. The output from this case is your website can experience a down in its speed performance and bring a bad user experience (UX) to your website’s visitors.


On the security aspect, (Virtual Private Server) can give you the top security service ever by the feature of private digital space and dedicated resources. If you choose the managed VPS service, you can get more ultimate security guarantees because the provider also helps you maintain the website’s wellbeing and security.


The feature that only available at the VPS server and not available on the shared hosting is the full-root access that allows the user to manage and conduct any changes on their service. It means that the user is granted access to install, change, and uninstall the software within their VPS server without waiting or asking permission from the VPS provider. The users are also allowed to change the operating system, such as swapping the operating system from Windows OS to Linux OS, and so do the opposite. 

On the shared hosting, you are cannot making any changes on your server, which can be a potential problem if you cannot install the software that can assist you in managing the website hosting.

A good VPS host should have the following:

A good VPS host or best VPS host is always minding their reputation and best services ever to its clients because the best VPS host is the partner that will help the clients to achieve their success through their services. Not all of the VPS providers are good guy, some of them provide the unworthy service, and even in some cases, the provider can trap their clients to spend more money for the worst performance. To avoid this disaster, we provide the standard characteristic of a reliable VPS provider, such as: providing a comprehended VPS plan and having a good reputation.

Comprehended VPS plan

The best VPS provider always provides the list of their services on their official website as the display for you before deciding to use their service. They also describe the detail of the VPS service offered and also provided transparent pricing. It is vital to prevent any extra charge in the future.

Good reputation

Reputation is a must in this industry because reputation can be the parameter of the VPS provider’s performance in the past and performance. An excellent reputable VPS provider will always leave their mars on many reputable websites that mostly review their services and performance.

Pros and Cons of VPS hosting

Even if VPS is the perfect hosting service compatible with any business, there are still several pros and cons to this service. In this section, you will be provided with the pros and cons of the VPS server. 

The VPS server’s positive aspect is located on their stable and fast performance, high-security protocol, private space for the clients, and the access that is very useful for the clients in managing their website hosting. 

The negative aspect of the VPS server is only on its pricing that, for some people, the price of using the VPS server is high. Actually, the price you pay over VPS service is a good investment because you get the ultimate features like dedicated resources and so on compared with shared hosting.

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