Your No-Nonsense Guide to Buying the Best SARMs for You


According to one study, only 52% of the products tested contained one or more SARMs in them.

This highlights the problem of trying to find a good seller that you can trust online. So where do you find good SARMs for you?

Thankfully, we have some of the best tips to find good, quality SARMs for you!

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What Do SARMs Do For You?

While more research is needed, some scientists think that SARMs have a lot of proven benefits. They have done some research to prove their claims as well.

One of the biggest advantages of using SARMs is that you can build more body muscle and get rid of fat. When you are able to do that, you can build more muscle for a bodybuilding competition or even get stronger to lift heavier weights.

However, SARMs can also include many other kinds of benefits, including increasing your bone density, building lean muscle, healing your muscles faster, improving your joints, relieving pain, and improving your energy levels.

Many people decide to use SARMs because they also aren’t as harmful or suppressive as steroids can be.

Are SARMs Legal?

When people find out about SARMs they also wonder if they’re safe or legal to use. But SARMs fit into a legal loophole where it can be sold, bought, or owned for research purposes. However, many people buy this and consume it.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should be admitting it to every police officer that you know.

SARMs are technically legal in the United States and Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, Sweden, Pakistan, and Europe.

However, even if you’re in one of these countries, you shouldn’t use them if you’re a military member, college athlete, or Olympic athlete. These will show up on your drug tests, and you could become disqualified or discharged.

They’re banned for these athletes because they can dramatically improve your strength, which will give that athlete an unfair advantage.

Where to Buy SARMs

So if you want to buy SARMs, what is the best place to look for? You can thankfully find a lot of dealers on the Internet. However, there are many sketchy sites that you should probably avoid.

Since SARMs can enhance your performance, it’s important to do your research and make sure that you’re buying from a reputable company. Most of the companies that you will find that are selling them are research companies.

However, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable place.

Read Reviews

First, make sure that you’re reading the reviews of what other customers had to say about that seller. This will help give you an idea of what the business is like and if the SARMs are legit.

While there may be reviews on the company’s website, you may want to look at other places as well. Sometimes companies will pay people to write fake reviews to help boost their sales.

Another good site to check is Reddit. However, there are still some fake reviews on Reddit (or anywhere online), so be careful.

Sometimes the reviews will go over what some of the side effects were and how serious or long they lasted.

If you don’t trust any of the reviews online, you can always call up the company that you’re interested in buying. Ask them if they have any references from clients who were satisfied with them. When they provide you the contact details, you can get a hold of that customer and ask them questions about what they thought about the product.

This also helps to enable a little bit more trust between you and the company and the person reviewing it. Now you can actually put a face and a voice to the person who is giving the review.

However, if you contacted the seller and they aren’t willing to give you any references, you may want to move onto another company that is willing to give you that information.

Check Insurance

You should also check that the company you’re going to purchase from has insurance. However, just because they have insurance doesn’t mean you should automatically trust them.

If they don’t have insurance, you have a good reason not to trust them. Having insurance is what will help you weed out some of the sellers. If they don’t have insurance, they aren’t taking accountability for anything with their SARMs, which means that there may be something wrong with their products.

Go to the Store

If you found a SARMs seller that has an actual brick-and-mortar store nearby, pay it a visit!

They should be a clean and hygienic store, and the SARMs shouldn’t be able to be contaminated by moisture or dust. They need to be stored in a special way, so you can check to see if the store is storing them properly.

You should also look at the expiration dates on the bottles. If they are expired, leave and find another seller.

Consider Customer Service

Most companies that are selling SARMs will likely be research centers. Most of them won’t offer great customer service either. However, if they do offer amazing customer service, you can likely trust them.

Some sellers will be rude to their customers and not provide any disclaimers or guidance on how to use the SARMs that they sell. They should also be giving you important details, like dosage and side effects warnings. They’ll also be able to tell you when to use it during your cutting or bulking cycles.

Ask About Batch Testing

A seller might say that their SARMs are safe, but can you really trust them? That’s why each seller should have an independent, third-party tester come and test their SARMs.

Most of the time, the seller will send a sample to a lab to have it tested. When it comes back, the lab will tell them if it’s 100% purity, which means that they can sell the products.

Sometimes they’ll even post the lap report results on their product page or somewhere else on their website. If they don’t, you could always try asking for them, but it’s never a guarantee that they’ll actually give it to you.

However, you should try and only buy SARMs from companies that make third-party testing a priority. This will ensure that you get the best quality of SARMs.

Double Check Availability

How available or consistent is the seller? You don’t want to buy these supplements from some company that is going to be gone when you’ve been taking them for a month and start to experience bad side effects.

It’s very common for side effects to pop up after you’re done using it, especially when the supplement wasn’t tested or wasn’t as it was advertised. If something does go wrong, you need to be able to contact that seller and let them know what you’re going through.

Reliable sellers will be there if something goes wrong. However, many of the sketchy sellers know that their products will cause side effects, so they’ll be gone in a few months after they sell all of their supply.

To see if they’re reliable, check how far back the dates of the reviews are. If they’ve been around for the past five to ten years, chances are they’ll be around when you need them. However, if the company became popular overnight, you may want to find another option.

Ask About Licenses

Most SARMs sellers will also need a license in order to legally sell the supplements to you. If a company is selling them illegally, chances are that the SARMs aren’t safe either.

While someone might advertise the best SARMs stack, you should make sure that they have an actual license. One way you can check this is to look on their website for a legit operating license. Licit licenses may also be issued to these sellers if they’re following all the legal rules.

If they don’t post it anywhere on their website, you can also contact them and ask them for more information on their licenses. But generally, if they have the licenses, they will be proud to show it.

Check Prices

When you’re first getting into SARMs, you probably have no idea how much they typically cost.

The prices can vary depending on the place you’re buying from and what kind of SARM that you’re actually looking for.

In general, SARMs are priced at a moderate amount compared to the industry standard rate. They’re priced this way because they need a few key ingredients to make, and these ingredients normally have to come from another country.

So if you find a seller who is offering amazing SARMs at a ridiculously low price (like it’s too good to be true), don’t even bother buying from them. While it might be tempting to save a little bit of money, the SARM you get may not even be a real one.

Plus, cheap SARMs could leave you with serious health side effects down the road.

Where to Avoid

While you should follow the steps above to ensure you’re getting high-quality SARMs, there are some places that you should stay away from as a general rule.

For example, don’t buy from public marketplaces. This includes sites like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craiglist. While these SARMs might be cheap and easy to get here, it’s very easy for scammers to create a profile and sell fake SARMs at a cheap price.

You should also stay away from websites that will just drop shippers and then hand the order over to some untraceable Chinese company. You’ll know this is happening if the prices are low and you have a long order or delivery time.

What Are the Side Effects?

Before you start taking SARMs, make sure that you’re aware of what side effects that you could experience. Even if you buy the best high quality, there’s always a chance that you could experience something.

For example, a few SARMs have been said to lower or suppress testosterone levels in both men and women. That’s why it’s important you should make sure that you do post-cycle therapy after you’re done using your SARM.

You may also experience something like a raise in your cholesterol, pain in your eyes, headaches, nausea, increased appetite, or difficulty sleeping.

Even in many studies, there haven’t been many side effects, which is why SARMs are waiting on FDA approval now. However, since they’re not approved yet, you should make sure that you discuss with your doctor whether it’s right for you to try taking these or not.

Plus, your doctor will be able to warn you of any more side effects and possible interactions with the medication that you’re already taking. They may even be able to recommend a safe place where you can buy the SARMs.

If you are under eighteen years old and still developing, you may want to avoid taking SARMs altogether because you aren’t sure just how they will react with your growing body.

Learn More About SARMs For You

These are only a few things to keep in mind when finding SARMs for you. However, there are many more things to consider.

Before you start taking any medication or supplement, always consult with your doctor first. They’ll be able to warn you of side effects and recommend a good dosage to start with.

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