Best Advice For Students On ACT/SAT Prep To Score Good


Students who want to submit the best grades of ACT/SAT prep along with their application are likely to get selected first. However, preparing for it is extremely important. Many students are still not aware of the right way by which it can be done. Good practice, better tutoring, and even a lot of dedication are important in all this journey. Along with it, listed are some tips that can improve the grades.

Familiarize with all the information:

It is important to understand the structure of the test. There are different types of questions, instructions, and challenges that are likely to come. If all the details are familiarized it can save valuable time on the big day. It is important to find out the instructions that are given for ACT and SAT tests online. Besides, it is also crucial to know the difference between the ACT and SAT and understand which test can be the perfect fit.

Indulge in Practice:

Many students often out of comfort and laziness fail to focus well on practicing. It is important to set aside the maximum time for the complete practice. Using time to get adjusted to the time limits can help. It is also better to pace up so that there is enough time to solve the questions. Once every section of the test is finished, answers should be checked and ample time needs to be devoted in order to go through the questions that might have been considered wrong earlier.

Use the right Guidance:

Remember that exams like PSAT were already organized in the school and junior year. Those who wish to take the SAT exam can refer to the test results of PSAT to understand the target score and accordingly make the plan. If the school does not offer such tests, then practicing them online can be a great guidance. There are also some effective sample questions available for free on many official websites of the colleges. Even if the PSAT is not the right indicator for the ACT test and there are no PCAT tests that exist but for the practicing ACT, can be a good platform. The site offers a good range of sample questions that can give clarity on what to expect in the exam.

Reading is helpful:

Along with online resources, it is wise to opt for books. There is also the set of books that comes with complete practice tests depending on the actual exam from the previous year which helps in studying. The ACT test offers the best official prep book. Besides, the board of college also gives quite a good collection of SAT prep books. The school counselor further can assist on what all sources should be used for improving the reading.

Go for Tutoring:

If the school work is not that easy to get grasped up then it is better to opt for a prep class. There are some schools that even offer study groups and personal programs. Some students also consider choosing private tutoring nearby. Sometimes there are questions that could be a little tricky and having an instructor by the side can be a big help in such a case.

Besides, tutoring also can help to brush up on the skills and improve the pace to finish the test. For additional personal attention, a tutor is a right choice. It is the tutor who can help to focus on what exactly is needed to understand and excel well.

Improve the memory:

For the SAT exam, to have the formulas remembered is important. However, there are some ACT exams that don’t need formulas to remove but only the basic math formulas and associated concepts. If practice is done for the problems, then it can be helpful to memorize all the details. This can help in saving time during the real test.

Make use of the answers to select the answers:

Students who know the strategy of playing in numbers on the SAT math must also begin with answer choices C and B. This often is the media of the answer choices that are usually given. The ACT test can always begin with the answer choice. If choice C works then it is best. But in case that does not work then at least, there is a scope of knowing what the true answer is. In case the solutions are small, considering choices like A is the wise thing to do.

Focus on Punctuation Rules

Keep in mind that in the SAT and ACT exam, the punctuation rules are assessed to a great degree. While the rules focus on the usage of the comma that can be complex but it also focuses on using dash, colon, semicolon, and period. It is important for the students to review the rules for such specific marks of punctuation and practice them often.

The main idea should be in focus:

There are reading sections on both tests that come with ample passages which of course can vary in terms of the writing style and subject area too. Since time is the constraint of the SAT and ACT, it is important for the students to understand how ideas are planned for both the test when time is the constraint. It is important for the students to control the issue of running out the details and time at the time of the test.


Other than this vocabulary should be improved. It could be quite challenging initially but practice can always help. It is all about reading the books and articles that seem to be challenging. While it is always better to spare good time for ACT/SAT prep but some rest is needed too for better grasping power. The mind needs to relax so that it can grasp more knowledge later. This eventually would boost the confidence and make the memory stronger too. With the above-mentioned tips, students can certainly improve their chances of scoring better.

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