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4 Bathroom Designs You Need To Consider While Remodeling Your House

Bathroom Design

A relaxing, functional, and indulgent bathroom is everyone’s dream. Imagine yourself taking a warm bubble bath after a long day at work and think of your master bathroom with brass and marble shelves, walk-in sleek showers, relaxing tubs, and stylish vanities with curated accessories. Sounds good, right? 

Bathroom design defines the kind of vibes your washroom will give and even the small detail matter. A simple shower head can help give off luxury vibes and the color of tiles and paint decides the mood. All the details matter for making up a coherent design. So let’s dig into the sumptuous and opulent designs of your upcoming bathroom. 

1. Environment-Friendly Bathroom 

People are adapting to sustainable and Eco-friendly ways to design their houses and the bathrooms are no exception. With some small changes, we can reduce our carbon footprints on the outside world and the environment.

Environment-friendly bathrooms are equipped with aerators on the shower head and faucets to reduce the usage of water and compact fluorescent bulbs that are more energy-efficient and long-lasting as compared to incandescent bulbs. You can also use the low-flow toilet after checking the top lists of best flushing toilets that use less water. Using a tank less heater also reduces energy consumption so that’s also a great addition. You can use all-natural fabric instead of expensive bath rugs and give your bathroom a unique look with metal, cork, porcelain, glass, and bamboo material products to protect the environment.

2. Spa-Inspired Luxury Bathroom 

Give yourself a spa retreat at home. Create a sanctuary that is indulgent with calming music, respite, and sensory experience. The indoor plants, a themed wallpaper, dim lights or candles, gallery wall or statement flooring, a bathtub caddy, fancy white towels, flowing curtains are some of the must-haves in your dreamy, luxury, and spa-style bathroom. Give it a royal look with all whites, white walls, cabinets, and flooring, and adorn it with gold accents, as on the mirror frame, towel rack, cabinet handles and shelves outline to create an inviting and tranquil scheme. 

And do not underestimate the power of aromatherapy that is vital in instilling a calming, serene, and spa-like effect in your bathroom. Use essential oils or a diffuser for a mesmerizing sensory experience. 

3. Statement Double Sink & Double Shower Bathrooms

Well, a double vanity will remind you of the exquisite and luxurious hotel bathrooms, if you have enough space, you can get it in your own house. For the master bathroom, a double vanity is ideal with adequate storage and counter space and that also helps in keeping the clutter out of sight. Double showers and sinks are ideal for couples who want to access the place simultaneously.

Other than the glamorous reasons, the double vanity and shower are quite functional and add to the resale value of your home.  Keep the shower and sink fittings simple, light-toned, and practical and make a statement with bright and patterned wallpapers and matching flooring. The hexagonal stone tiles, travertine wall panels, vintage lighting, pebble wall coverings, or whatnot. 

4. Bold Bathroom Designs 

If the square footage of your bathroom is the biggest problem for you to create a bold statement and your favorite self-care place, fret not anymore! The latest bathroom trends are amicably designed to produce a space that looks spacious, brighter, and healthy to use. To start with, always use light and bright tones, such as white, light blue, mint green, or off white to create a serene and warm look, the lightweight curtain fabric to reflect the natural light into the space, a mirror covering the entire wall or multiple mirrors all around with amplifying light in the background, a glass shower door without a curtain, the ceramic tiles, shelves in the shower, and compact accessories are something you would like to produce a bigger space out of small. These trends are specifically for small bathrooms to give them an ample, spacious, and convenient look. 

Never Compromise On Quality 

To create any high-end, luxurious bathroom design, never compromise on the quality of the bathroom accessories, products, and appliances. To create a unique ambiance, the possibilities are endless. The dishes and hooks, the shelves, the wooden designer stools, the shower curtains, the makeup and bathroom towels, the artistic wall hooks, the bath mats, the marble base vanity mirror, bath caddy, canopy, candles, stone diffusers, and whatnot. Make sure you hire a professional for the smooth installation of large bathroom accessories. 

No one can deny the importance of an aesthetic bathroom and its impact on our mental and physical well-being, so pay attention to every detail to create an unparalleled and refined sanctuary. 

Bathroom remodeling and renovations are expensive businesses but also essential ones. People spend $15,000 to $50,000 to create inspiring, luxurious, and unique outlooks of their self-care sanctuaries. But before spending thousands of dollars on bathroom renovations, avidly search the market for the trendy layout designs, sustainable bathroom material that includes flooring, cabinetry and accessories, the wall coloring trends, lightning fixtures, glowing lamps, towel warmers, and everything that you want to see in your designer bathroom. 

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