Digital Schooling: 7 reliable sites that will make online studying as easy as 1,2,3

Digital Schooling

Digital schooling online schooling has now become the new normal. While there are some who are still trying to adjust themselves to this new phase of life, there are those who have already switched completely to depending on the internet for all their needs including education. While the internet in itself has a wide range of options when it comes to studying online, it is extremely necessary to use reliable websites or applications that will give you a wholesome education. Here are 7 such websites to help you through online learning.

1.  Khan Academy

This is a very popular free website particularly among young students. Khan academy is a website that provides quality learning in an extremely user friendly manner. Since their target audience is young children, they try their best to make the format of classes interesting and easy to learn. Unlike, most other websites, they do not use a lot of technical jargon which is another reason that makes it a favorite among students. Khan Academy partners with different post-secondary schools and also curates many courses from around the internet so as to provide impressive depth on the different topics. This is particularly useful when it comes to preparing students for online examinations. Thus, for users looking for good education that is easy to understand, interesting and extremely informative at the same time, Khan Academy is the best place you could go to.

2.  TED-Ed

This is a great option when it comes to a more general learning. It is extremely useful in catering to curious minds and includes supplementary materials and quizzes for a more wholesome learning. Most of the videos include impressive animation and all of the videos are at a length of 10 minutes or less. This makes it particularly useful in providing formal education in entertaining and not-boring-and-long ways.

3.  LessonPaths

LessonPaths is another great option particularly for those who are on the lookout for usable and convenient methods to get a hold of learning material. An additional feature of this website is that it allows users to create different playlists of their favorite learning materials from other sites as well. These playlists can then be ranked by users so as to get unbiased high quality and accessible sources on different topics.

When it comes to taking online courses to land your favorite learning school, a good score on the GRE becomes a top priority. For this, picking your best source of preparation material can get tricky but you can read this review and choose the right prep-courses and get cracking.

4.  Udemy

Udemy is another online platform that provides education to students. This website provides the user the option to opt for either the paid or the free version or even both if required. One of the greatest plus points to using Udemy is that users are allowed to build custom courses from lessons for categories like business, design,Digital schooling marketing etc. In addition to that, since Udemy lays heavy emphasis on quality, in an effort to maintain that quality, it works with top professors from different universities across the world. Yet another benefit of Udemy is that no pre qualification is required to take up a course. Users of Udemy have testified that they were able to develop new skills and achieve goals with the help of this website.

5.  Coursera

This is a website that partners with different top notch universities, museums, trusts and other organizations from across the world. In doing so, they help bring a wide range of perspectives on any particular topic and that too on a very searchable database. This is thus quite helpful for those students who want in depth knowledge of any topic. The only drawback to this website is that not all of the courses are free and so user registration and subscription would be required to avail of all the benefits available in this website.

6.  Alison

This is yet another free site that provides education. However unlike the other websites, especially those mentioned above, it only offers certification in a few areas. Alison has a pretty good hold over a wide range of topics related to business, technology, health and most importantly language learning. The languages taught include English, Spanish, German, French and Arabic. Additionally, students can choose from three types of courses and learning paths. Alison also has an app that has been made available for users to further simplify the learning process.

7.  edX

When it comes to free online digital schooling courses at university level, edX is a great option. It provides digital schooling courses in various disciplines. Courses from different schools are included in this website and this helps in providing up to date good quality information. The various topics that are dealt with in EdX include Computer Science, language, data science, engineering and so on.

An impressive feature about this site is that it contains a weekly subject sequence for students who can depending on their interests, access short videos with learning exercises and also be a part of video tutorials that are just like on campus discussion groups. EdX also has a platform where online discussions can take place so that students can put up their doubts and queries to the teaching assistants. One of the best things about EdX is that it also offers a certificate for successful completion of a course. This gives a cutting advantage to users especially in the future.

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