6 Reasons Why Office 365 Backup Is Critical

Office 365

While you may not give it too much thought, a backup for Microsoft 365 is necessary. Although Microsoft always makes sure to deal with the Office 365 platform and helps it run properly, protecting your data is not their responsibility. Therefore, it is up to you to take steps to protect your data by doing a backup. 

Now, why exactly is a backup so crucial? Here are six big reasons for that:

1: Possible Internal Security Threats

Nowadays, security threats are a risk for many businesses. Even big companies like Microsoft could be in danger of security threats, even internal ones. This could put the people using the service at risk of losing their data – and this is certainly something you don’t want happening to you. 

As such, backing up your data from Office 365 becomes a necessity. With internal security threats posing such a big risk, you can’t afford to skip on those recovery measures. 

2: Possible External Security Threats

Just like internal security threats are possible, external security threats are a thing as well. This happens when viruses and malware affect an organization. It’s not uncommon for this to happen all over the world, and even big companies can get hit with such tactics. 

If an attack ends up in data loss, you can use the backup to restore the mailboxes to the same state they were in before the incident. 

3: Deleting Something by Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes. As such, it is possible to delete a user accidentally, but doing that doesn’t delete the user in a single place. Instead, the user gets deleted across an entire network. 

If you take proper steps and do a backup, then the user can be restored. 

4: Migrations and Hybrid Email Deployments to Office 365

Another thing that could happen is either migrating to Office 365 or having hybrid email deployments to it. 

Having a backup becomes necessary. Exchanging data could be risky if it is not protected properly. If you make sure to backup, then you can safely migrate to Office 365 or have hybrid email deployments. The source location will become irrelevant afterward. 

5: Compliance Requirements

Backing up your data can help with situations you never even thought of. For example, one of the best things about having a backup is that it allows you to retrieve the data in your mailbox during any legal action. Besides, it helps meet regulatory compliance needs, so it’s crucial. 

6: Retention Policy Confusion and Gaps

Sometimes it is pretty difficult to understand and keep up with the policies of Office 365. On top of that, managing them is even harder. So, having a backup will make sure that accessible retention is better and more protected, and that it’s stored in a single place. This makes it easy to recover as well. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, backing up Office 365 is essential for a variety of reasons. And not doing so puts people at risk of losing their data. So, do your backup as soon as possible.

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