6 Reasons Hospitality Industry Prefers Emblem Logos


Logos and hotels are inseparable for so many reasons but there’s a specific kind of logo that every hotel prefers to have.

Emblem logos!

And this post specifically discusses the key reasons that why the hospitality industry is in love with emblem logos in comparison to several other popular logo types. Firstly, emblems offer a rich visual experience to our eyes and secondly, they’re a perfect way to strengthening a hotel’s branding plans. Before you go ahead and ask your logo designer to show you some examples of hotel logo design, let us share the key reasons that why the hospitality industry prefers having an emblem logo design. 

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Let’s just take Hotel Du Pont as an example to understand why hospitality industry prefers emblem logos. Look at its logo for 5 seconds and you’ll instantly figure out the key reason why they used emblem as their logo. Elegance! That’s the prime reason why Hotel Du Pont (and many other) use an emblem to represent their business. 


Another useful reason, that hospitality industry prioritizes emblem logos, is their ability to offer flexibility to the designer (and the hotel’s marketing department, too). Since, you’re going to use your hotel logo design on multiple places and each one has a different background color that might lower the attraction of your logo. Since, you’re using emblem logos, you can gracefully incorporate versatility, one of the key features of a great logo design into it.


Another thumb rule for designing an ideal logo for your business is to keep it customizable. And emblem logos offer you the personalization feature so you can resize them without worrying about the aesthetic of the logo. From napkins to brochures and even the menu, you can personalize your hotel logo design just by opting for emblem logos

Appeals To Eyes

Its not just Starbucks that skyrocketed their branding using an emblem logos but hotels also rely on emblems when it comes to branding. Why? Because emblems appeal to our eyes and offer an alluring aspect of our business. Your name, commencement year and a specific design all infused in one logo is such a wonderful concept that the logo wins hearts of every viewer. 


There are several hotels with similar names and this makes marketing a hotel’s offering very difficult when everyone is offering same packages. In such crucial scenario, emblems play their magic by presenting a distinguished image of your hotel. This feature of being unique gives you the power to separate your hotel from your competitors with same name and give you a unique identity, too. 


We all know that one of the objectives of logos (not just emblems) is to make the business memorable. And our mind tends to remember things that are unusual or unique in their appearance. Where simple logos such as wordmarks or abstract appear too common, emblems win the race by offering you the memorability feature. And that’s why they’re primary choice of every hotel owner when it comes to hotel logo designs. 

Comment below and let us know if you use emblems for your hotel logo design and why?

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