3 Ways Technological Solutions Can Improve the Lives of Older Adults

Older Adults

Many people think of technology as something embraced by the young, but there are many technological advances that have done a great deal to improve the lives of older adults. Most of these are simple to operate once they are set up and can significantly enhance a person’s quality of life as they age.

Home Lifts

You don’t have to live in a mansion to have a home lift installed. In fact, home lifts which are great for older people, can be placed in most types of homes that have more than one floor, and they can mean the difference between a person remaining in their home and having to move. Even if you are active and have no long-term mobility issues now and never develop them, you might be temporarily unable to use the stairs in the future after an injury or surgery. The lift can also be helpful in getting heavier or bulkier items upstairs.

Connecting Online

Isolation is a big problem for many older adults. After retirement, they might not be interacting with people on a day-to-day basis. They may be far from family. There are many options that can help them connect with family and friends online. Video calling is one of the best ways, allowing them to see what loved ones are up to and participate in events that they might not be able to attend in person. However, social media, chat programs and emails can all allow them to interact more with family and friends from afar as well, sharing photos and videos. There are tablets and laptops that can be set up so that they are very simple to use, but many older adults now are comfortable using these devices and do not need much guidance.

Smart Devices

As you get older, arthritis or other issues could mean you are not as dexterous as you used to be. Your vision might not be as clear, or it could take you longer to get to the door than it used to. There are many devices you can use throughout your home to help you with these issues. For example, you can enable voice activation that allows you to select music and movies or to make phone calls. Temperature controls can be voice-activated as well, or they can adjust themselves based on where you are in the house at any given time. This is especially nice for the evenings since the right temperature can improve your night routines and support overall better sleep hygiene. 

You can have a smart doorbell installed that shows you via camera who is at the door. Smart devices can have many other uses as well. If you live alone and your family is concerned about your health, there are wearables that can detect if you have deviated from your usual routine and alert loved ones. You could get a smoke alarm that alerts neighbors or others as well as letting you know when there’s a problem. Even cleaning can be made easier, with robot vacuums that can map the layout of your home to work more efficiently. Smart technology is constantly changing and upgrading, so if you have a problem, it’s worth finding out whether there’s a smart tool out there than can solve it.

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