3 terms value investors must know


Times have not been friendly in recent times. The economic challenges will probably be continuing to grow big with time. There is a dire need for each one of us to realize the importance of becoming an investor and income diversification. Relying on one source of income or having a small investment portfolio is never recommended by financial experts. Therefore, when you look to excel in this, there are some terms that you need to be familiar with. One of the most important would be value Investors.   

Value investing focuses on the trading stock in the market that is being traded at lower prices or it’s intrinsic value. This type of investment requires a lot of research on the market. For trading stock or other securities, the investors must be well informed. They must know how things work in value investing and then move on steps on creating an online trading account and so and so forth. 

The stock trading account helps investors trade stock for profits on the stock exchange. Today, many brokerage firms are available to help you trade stock, analyze trends, and predict the future stock market for profits on your funds. You can open a trading account with one of the many brokerage companies. The brokerage companies get a commission fee along with service charges. They can be online, discount, or full-service brokerage now that you know the basics you must also be familiar with these three terms: account value, cash value, and purchasing power. 

Account Value 

This is the dollar value of everything that is in your account. The cash as well as the value of any security and stock in your trading account. The value of the stock has to be the market value. So in short the value if they were to be liquidated at this point plus the cash amount. If there is any stock to be shorted then the market value of that is subtracted from the total value. The remaining is your account value. 

Cash value 

This is the value that is referring to the most liquid cash available with you. The real amount of cash money you have. They can be easily withdrawn from your account at any point in time and used for buying new stock or securities. The cash value is the amount left after the value of securities is less from the account. 

Purchasing power

This is the amount available to you to be able to buy securities and stock. The purchasing power refers to the cash amount available in your account and as any cash on hand above that which you have and are ready to use for purchasing stock. It also includes any margins that you have after selling some of your stocks. So the buying power is also dependent on the type of account the investor has. If they have a margin account it will have more power than a cash value account. 

Usually, the margin accounts allow the value investors to buy in more stocks through loans and are thus beneficial for investors in the sense that it increases the purchasing power. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize where you stand in your investment journey. Know the above-mentioned terminology and choose the brokerage company that assists your goals the best.

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