Why Use Fleet Dash Cameras and AVL?

Dash Cameras

Install fleet dash cameras and vehicle surveillance systems and record HD video of incidents seamlessly with the EyeRide telematics platform. You can capture high-quality videos in real-time, which may provide crucial information in the event of accidents. EyeRide cameras come with sensors, microphones, storage cards, and integrated GPS receivers, and a tamper-resistant design. There are multi-camera options to choose from, and these can all be linked to the main unit for drivers to record themselves, view the rear of their vehicle, and improve the driver’s view of blind spots.

Your ability to monitor your fleet in real-time in HD resolution will provide a clear picture of your driver’s journey. EyeRide has a system that can trigger email notifications connected with dashcam footage. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to upload your footage to the cloud to provide a safe and secure backup. Enjoy competitive pricing for cutting-edge integrated video recording and GPS fleet tracking. These surveillance systems will effectively mitigate road accidents and help make coaching your drivers an easy task.

EyeRide Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems

EyeRide also offers GPS-enabled automatic vehicle location systems that allow your passengers to check exactly where they are and know exactly how far your driver is far from reaching the next stop.

Minimize time wastage and ramp up efficiency. Get arrival notifications and effectively plan your routes and schedules.

Is your transport company ready to optimize its fleet for safety?

Visit the EyeRide website and get web-based fleet dash camera software and AVL to take your safety to another level.

Improve your driver behavior and risk management

You can enhance your fleet safety protocols and monitor reckless driving habits with EyeRide fleet dashcams. Invest in a wide variety of commercial-grade dash cams that are user-friendly and easy to install. Moreover, they can be integrated to work with your fleet management software. View a playback of recorded events, analyze the details of each trip, view map info, and share footage via online links.

·   Visualize on-road events such as aggressive behavior and distracted driving

·   Plan your driver’s routes

·   Leverage live footage video to boost your driver coaching and training

·   Use fleet dash cams to record evidence for use in accident investigations

·   Receive quick text or email alerts

What are the top 4 benefits of fleet dash cameras?

·   Vehicle Protection

In-vehicle cameras help protect your fleet with their motion recording functionality. Are you worried about poor nighttime driving and video recording? Use night-vision bus cameras and you are good to go.

·   Emergency Recording

You can customize your fleet dash cam to automatically record emergency situations as they happen. Examples may include sudden braking, parking, and excessive acceleration.

·   Dual Facing Dash Cameras

Two-way fleet dash cameras and mobile digital DVR support both forward and internal (driver view), which means you can see events inside and outside your vehicle as they unfold.

·   Accurate Tracking

EyeRide fleet cams record driving events and help fleet managers pinpoint the accurate location of their vehicles and the time of the incidents.

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