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What is the best way to in google?

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The question a lot of webmasters have is, “what is the best way to rank my website in Google?”  In this post, I will explain some of the strategies I use to build and rank my webpages in the google search engine.  

So let’s start at the beginning. There are many different sites out there to build web pages with.  Some of my favorite web design platforms are Weebly, WordPress, Bravenet, and Wix.  The first step is to pick your platform and then build out your page with text, pictures, videos, and keywords inserted correctly.  This deserves a blog in itself, but I will give you the basics here.  Make sure you add content and tag keywords in your pictures, pages, and fill out your general website description.  Now, you have built your webpage and you’re ready for traffic.


The first step is to set up your social networks.  I usually start with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and then Youtube, and after a day or so you can add Pinterest and Vimeo.  There is much debate in the web development worlds on whether you need to be active on social networks or not.  My theory on this is it will help you to have active followers, but you don’t need to follow.  If you have an important company or brand then it’s best to post 2-5 times per week and engage your followers, but this is not required to rank your page.  It is still important to make the social accounts though because each social platform gives you the ability to link back to your main page. 

This link will be coming from a trusted source such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter which will help your page rank better.  I would not by followers or views because it’s important to have niche based followers which can only be built naturally.

The next step to ranking your webpage in the big search engines is to fill out your Google Business Listing.  If you’re a local business then you can add your address and be geo located on the map which is very powerful.  If you’re not a local business filling our listing will still help because it shows the search engines that you’re a legitimate company.  To do this you first need a Gmail account.  Once you’ve signed up you can go to Google+ and start your page.  Once you have a Google+ page you can now click on the arrow to the left and scroll down to Pages. 

From there start a new business page and fill out all your information.  Make sure you add your name, phone number, address, hours of operation, and photos.  Once you have done this Google will ask you to verify your listing.  It takes 1-2 weeks to get your card in the mail, and once you receive it you need to add this verification code to your listing to be officially verified.  At this point, your Google Business Page is now complete.  Now you just need customer reviews so your listing looks better than your competition.

So far we have created a webpage, added relevant content, added social networks, create your business listing, and now you’re ready for backlinks.  Backlinking is essentially linked from sites that direct into your website.  A good place to start gathering links is from Web 2.0 sites.  These are sites like WordPress, Weebly, Tumblr, and Bravenet.  Essentially these websites for free will let you build out content onto their domain name.  Then take these blogs you have written on Web 2.0’s and embed your videos, pictures, and create anchor text links back to your online assets. 

Remember, you don’t want to build a WordPress page and host it on your own .com site.  Instead, you want to build a WordPress page and keep it hosted on their domain.  For instance, if you wanted to make a blog about web hosting, then your domain name would be Web Hosting.  Then if you link this new page to your money site you’re getting the DA from passed through to you, which in turn will help you rank in search engines.

Now you have a brief summary on how to rank in Google with search engine optimization.  If you’re competing for local or weak keywords then this alone will allow you to rank on the first page.  If your niche is more competitive you’re going to need even more SEO tricks and tips.  For this I would advise hooking up with a quality Google search engine Company in the city you’re located in.

If reading is not your expertise you can always watch the Mumbai SEO Video they put together that explains their Google ranking services in great detail.  I hope this search engine marketing advice was of help to you.  It seems complex but like they say, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  So start with your social networks, then business listing, then point some web 2.0’s at your main site.  If this doesn’t work it’s time to hire a good search engine optimization company.

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