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Ways to Create a Killer Landing Page for your Website


In this fast-paced world, it is nearly impossible to excel in your business without using digital tools. If you want to market your product or service nowadays, then you need to have a digital/online presence. A good website is just one of the many digital tools to market and sell your product or service, along with establishing an online repute. However, it is a significant tool, which when used properly will bring your business success. 

Having said that, as important it is to have a website, it is equally important to ensure it is appealing. It should be responsive, functional, and attractive. In case if it isn’t, it would serve no purpose. And to get an appealing landing page, you need the best web design services New York.

In the following article, we will discuss ways to create a great landing page for your website so you can gain an improved conversion rate. 

Why Does Your Website Need a Landing Page?

A lot of sellers and business owners complain that their conversion rate is not as expected despite a strong social media presence or advertisements linking their audience to the website. The problem is obvious and simple to fix. 

Different websites have different characteristics. Some are enhanced with sticky elements, some have tons of redirects, and some are just plain and simple. But, all websites endure crashes and attacks. You can fix these problems the fastest with tools like Emergency Recovery Script. ERS, a WordPress-independent PHP script, has the power to restore a website in minutes, for free, without requiring admin access. Amazing, to say the least!

The problem is taking your audience directly to the website’s home page from social media campaigns or advertisements. In most cases, the home page content is not as strong as the information that directed the audience there. The lack of relevance disinterests the potential buyer, which eventually lowers the conversion rate. This is why you need a landing page, targeting specifically the information the buyer expects. 

What is a Landing Page?

In simpler words, one could say that a landing page is a mini-website. However, unlike your other webpages, it features targeted content — extremely relevant to a service or product for which you created a campaign. 

The benefit of building the landing page is that it will have no distracting content. When users land on this page through an advertisement, they will find information only on a single topic, which prompted them to click. 

If your social media campaign was strong enough to capture user attention, then your landing page must be as relevant to maintain it; leading the user to make the purchase. 

Let us now discuss a few simple tools to build a great landing page.

Simple & Relevant

A landing page indeed delivers information. However, you should avoid overloading content. An overwhelming or disorganised landing page is counterproductive, as the user will lose interest quickly. The information should be concise and clear. Additionally, many users scan the page instead of reading word to word. This is why the core message needs to stand out. For this purpose, use bullets and include keywords in the first line of the first paragraph. 

Visual Information 

For the same reason that users want easy to absorb information, the landing page should have visuals. These could include both images and graphics. Try using strong visuals that can create the story you want to tell.

Punchy Headlines

To keep the user’s attention, the landing page must have short but punchy headlines. These should clearly explain what is on offer. It can take practice and time to create such headlines but the results are worth it. Try avoiding language that comes across as too sales-oriented. In fact, apply this rule throughout the content to prevent the user from becoming annoyed. 

Consistent Message

At times, you may have to create multiple landing pages to cater to different types of users and deliver varying information regarding a single product or service. However, your branding, main message, and call to action (CTA) should remain consistent. This creates awareness in the user about your identity and establishes your authenticity as a business. 

Make the User Feel Important

The content of your landing page should not appear bossy or authoritative. For this reason, avoid language where you are ordering the user to take some action. For example, the CTA ‘Download Now’ comes across as too direct and may have lower conversion rates. Use phrases like ‘Download my eBook’. In this manner, you are making the user feel like the decision-maker after you have provided the incentive. 

Before you build a landing page for your product or service, you must have an action plan to follow. The plan should direct on what you need to tell the user and how to do it with success. And success means that you capture the user’s attention, maintain it, and carry it to the final purchase. Also, design it from an SEO point of view. Consult your SEO Agency in New York for more inputs. 

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