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Tips to make your stay in pune a memorable one

Pune City

Planning to move to a new city? We know you might have a lot to prioritize – finding a great place to stay that you can call your new home, figuring out your new lifestyle, even finding your 2 AM friends are all on that list of things to do. While we are sure that pune city, known for its young vibe (it’s a top favorite city among migrants students and young professionals), great weather, beautiful locales, and yummy food options, will Mae you feel welcomed, we can help you with some tips on how to find yourself a home-like PG in Pune where you can settle in


First things first – look at accommodation options that are close to your place of study or work and are conveniently located from most lifestyle facilities. There are some prime locations that should be on top of your search list. The Cybercity IT Park at Magarpatta is a gated neighborhood where you could find a place to rent and not have much to worry about commuting. You can also find some very well managed options like a PG in Hinjewadi or Baner, closer to Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park with professionally managed accommodation facilities like Stanza Living in the vicinity.

Finding your favorites:

Catch hold of a friend and explore a few places in your neighborhood. This could include a supermarket, a movie theatre, a library, a café, a mall, or a few restaurants you know for sure you can bank on, at any given time. If you are okay to be by yourself and like spending some alone-time, these favorite places will be within easy reach every time. If you are in a managed accommodation set-up like Stanza Living, you have additional opportunities to find fun things to do – from social events like music and dance sessions to enjoying all recreational areas on-premises. 

Making your room your home:

The interiors of the place you call home are so important, be it the lighting, the colors around, your roommate, and most importantly the amenities that give you comfort – like tasty food, hygiene and housekeeping practices, and more. While living in a facility like Stanza Living is a one-stop-shop where you really have nothing to be worried about as every aspect is managed by a team, what you can do would be to bring ‘you’ into your room. It could just be the smallest of things like scented candles or colorful dream catchers or a DIY organizer where you really accommodate more of your things or even lighting up your room with fairy lights. 

To splurge or not to:

Now you are living independently, financial decision making needs to be an important responsibility. But most of us are not exposed much to the idea of managing our expenses by ourselves and taking wise decisions about spends. A lot of expenses, sometimes unnecessary, at the beginning of the month may just leave you a little broke towards the last two weeks. So at least for the first many months, till you are used to the new lifestyle, keep track of every place where you’re shelling out your money. Taking all-inclusive rent deals with managed accommodation operators is a good place to start as it takes care of the major living expenses in one-shot and allows you to focus on planning other spends instead of being surprised by expenses. In time, you’ll learn the art of saving up enough to be able to splurge on that great outfit you’ve been eyeing.

The people you meet in pune city are most likely those who’ve moved there for studies or work and stayed there since. The people are friendly, and the city is easy to call it your home, it just is all about the art of swaying your way through. 

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