Don’t Let This Pandemic Stop You! Safety Tips for Social Distancing Parties

Social Distances

COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt to everyone’s major plans in 2020. Whether you’re celebrating marriage, engagement, work celebrations, or birthday parties – you aren’t at liberty to invite as many people in Melbourne as you’d like to have. Either you’ve to postpone the celebration or compromise on the number you want to have.

But the good news is, with safety precautions and a creative mind, you can make the party in this pandemic fun and interactive. It’s especially beneficial if your teen is turning sixteen. You can’t ignore such special teenage birthday parties in Sunbury and miss giving your teen the best time of life.

So, to help with good partying ideas in social distancing, we’ve crafted this article to give you the ideas that are easy, fun, and safe.

Safety tips for social distancing partying ideas:

  • Arrange a party outdoors

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, marriage, or any gathering – try arranging it in the outdoors. As there will be more space, guests can have more distance from each other, lessening the chances of germs passing from one to another.

It’s also one of the great teen birthday party ideas as teenagers love partying in an outdoor environment. You can set up a stage where one can show their talents, arrange tables with food and drinks, and play music using loudspeakers and much more. Your teen will love you for this arrangement amidst the pandemic crisis. 

  • Keep a safe distance between tables

If you’re planning for marriage, then tables and chairs for the guests are necessary. So, besides arranging the party outdoors, see that each table and chair has at least a hand-length distance. This gives confidence to your guests that they are in a controlled environment. Also, on each table, you can arrange a sanitizer for the guests to use whenever they touch something.

If you don’t have a big outdoor space, then see if you can cut out the number of invitees. Sure, it’s a lot of emotional work but in this pandemic, safety gets the highest priority.

  • Clean your house and bathrooms

With the increased number of guests at your home, your bathroom usage will increase. And the bathroom is the place where people can touch the things that have already been touched. So, frequently check whether your bathrooms are clean or not. Put enough disposable napkins and towels for the people to clean their hands after washing. Also, keep the sanitizer bottles filled as long as your guests are present. 

  • Keep enough utensils for all the guests

When partying, some of the guests may have the habit of using other people’s utensils thinking that they are close to each other. However, stand against it. Tell your party members to collect separate forks, spoons, plates, tissues, etc. Keep the stock plenty to restore whenever they are finished. 

Urge all your guests to keep a safe distance from each other in a line while serving food. It helps you to lessen the risk of contact with others. Above all, make sure your guests are enjoying in the middle of the restriction. Put on lively music and add flowers for pleasant smells. Entertain everyone with any unique skills and all the other things that you can do by maintaining a safe distance. When you want to be a host of the great social distancing birthday party or any other gathering – you can implement this idea.

Extra safety tips to follow

  • Keep a stock of face masks, gloves

One of the other guests might forget wearing a mask or that mask might get damaged while coming to your home. So, ensure you have a pile of masks to give to the guests. To make things fun, you can make the masks suited to the party theme. For instance, if it’s a birthday party, you can stitch the masks with fun stickers and candy. If it’s marriage, you can prepare the masks with bride and groom names, etc. Be a little creative and you can entertain your guests as much as you can.

  • Sanitizers are must

Well, you may be tired of hearing about the usage of the masks and sanitizers for protection, but it’s the unavoidable truth. The more we take care of your guests, the more you can be a host of a successful and safe party. So, ensure you are keeping the sanitizers wherever possible for the easy access to guests.

Also, if your guests are teenagers or kids, they may neglect cleaning their hands. So, observe at all the times that they are using it. Be a better host by reminding them now and then. But be careful not to be a nagging person.

  • Keep track of persons with cold or flu

Are any of your guests have a cold or flu in the past days? Keep a track and enquire about their latest medical condition before you invite. It may seem rude or immoral but explain to them that you are inviting them to a party. They’ll understand your hidden motive and tell you about their medical condition. Be empathetic and convincing while speaking to your guests.

  • Avoid inviting small children and elderly

When inviting guests to your party, ensure that your guest list includes only teenagers and adults. If possible, try to avoid inviting kids below 5 years or elderly above 60 as they are highly prone to catching infectious diseases. Be understanding with anyone who is trouble having to come to your party. Don’t keep on persisting as it may give you the wrong impression that you aren’t being empathetic. 

  • Stick to only close friends and family!

To be the host of one of the best kid’s birthday parties in Sunbury or any other suburb of Melbourne, you may want to invite distant relatives, colleagues, etc. However, in this pandemic, you have to make sure that only your closest family is present so that you could avoid large gatherings, and thus interactions. 

So, hopefully, these simple tips help you to organize the best social distancing party in this pandemic. Whatever you do, make sure you are prioritizing safety in all the situations.

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