5 Parking Tips for Tourists: Park Smart and Save Money

Parking Tips

When you are on a road trip, it is never easy to find a perfect parking spot. Sometimes, it can be really annoying to find one. There are different types of parking available in big cities, you can either park on the street or park your car in underground parking. If we talk about Bratislava, there are also numerous outdoor parking lots and underground car parking. You can park your vehicle on the street, but usually, they charge you, and during rush hour these street parkings can become a tow-zone area.

If you want to know about free parking in Bratislava, you will find perfect tips here to help you find car parking spots that don’t overcharge you or are free.

Free parking in shopping centers

If you are driving in Bratislava during the weekdays, the best parking spot you can get is to park in the shopping centres. These parking areas are free and you can find the vacant spots easily depending on which area of Bratislava you are visiting.

Park & Ride in Bratislava

If you need to park your vehicle for a longer period of time and you want free parking in Bratislava too, the best alternative is to park in the areas called Park & Ride. These parkings are located along the public transport lines and trains. And these parking areas are not well developed yet.

Free parking away from the city center

Then there are parking areas that are completely free but are a bit away from the city like 10-15 minutes outside the city centre. These car parks are ideal for the tourists and visitors with cars, they can easily park their cars and then get to the historic centre through public transport within 10 minutes of time.

Where to park in Bratislava for free?

The parking in the city centre is free during weekends, on bank holidays and outside some listed times (which you must know of ). But unfortunately, even the parking is free during these times but the demand for the parking is high too, you have to look for the parking spot for around 15-20 minutes and if u are lucky you will get one.

Free parking in the streets of Bratislava

You can get near the historic centre by car, by getting your car park on the streets. This classic style of parking is sometimes free and if not, is still affordable in Bratislava. If you want to get your car park in the historical centre then there are parking zones available but they charge you for parking.

 On weekdays the timings are from 08:00-16:00 and you can pay your parking fee through parking machines. The parking fee is around 60 cents for 30 minutes, you can also set your parking time.

Other than paying in the parking machine you can pay your parking fee through SMS. Send your message to 2200, where you are given 2 options for the tickets, pay for 90 minutes for 1.8 euros and 8 euros for the whole day.

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