8 Tips for Keeping Your Pallet Furniture in a Good Condition

Pallet Furniture

We all want our furniture to serve us for a long time. Those who like wood would probably enjoy pallet furniture. It’s also great if you look for unique and original tables and chairs to make your home even comfier. However, when buying it, you need to understand that it will demand some of your time.

With this highly functional furniture, you should be especially cautious. It’s not for everyone because it requires special care.

You can delegate it to professionals as you do with academic paper writing, or you can learn a few tricks on your own. Should you choose the latter option, here are some tips for you.

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Remove the Dust

The dust is an enemy to your pallet furniture. If you decide to buy one, make sure you are ready to remove airborne particles as frequently as possible. The longer they stay on wood, the more scratched the furniture surface looks like.

If you are determined to preserve your chairs and tables in their initial condition, use cotton cloths or microfibers to prevent dusting. Also, you can use some ornate carvings to cover your pallet and save it from being scratched.

Polish Pallet With Oil

There is a special oil that serves to protect your outside pallet furniture. Don’t neglect using it for your chairs and benches if you want them to serve for a longer time.

Let’s just think of it. Outside furniture is exposed to cold, heat, and moisture more than anything else. Of course, the risk of it cracking or splitting increases. Oil, however, can protect this furniture and enhance its resistance to water and temperatures.

The market is full of oils for pallet furniture, but be cautious when choosing. Different wood requires different oils. Apart from that, you should also look for oils with no toxins.

Care About Your Furniture

You should be a great fan of pallet furniture for it to serve you for a long time. Treat it with respect and never forget how special it is.

For example, it’s better to avoid putting things that are hot on the table directly. Glasses and mugs leave spots that won’t disappear. Use tablecloths or placemats to protect your table from such damages.

Clean Stains Immediately and Effectively

Whenever a stain occurs, act quickly to minimize the damage: the more you hesitate, the harder it gets to remove. So, if you see that a wet glass or mug is about to leave a stain, mix toothpaste and baking soda and put it on the stain to make the spot disappear.

For dark stains, use a cloth soaked in vinegar. For crayon marks, apply mayonnaise. Let it stay for a minute before cleaning it with a wet cloth.

Cover Scratches

If minor damage to the surface occurs, don’t get upset. You can use liquid polish to cover it up. If the damage is too visible, you can always paint your furniture so that it could look as good as new.

With good paint, you can give your old pallet furniture a new life. However, if you do have that in mind, conduct some research and buy a recommended paint.

Re-Wax Your Furniture

You can re-wax your furniture if you feel that it’s getting old. First, you should find the best wax and prepare the surface. To do that, you only need to clean it with wool and remove lees.

When you are sure the surface is ready, start waxing. Apply light pressure to the surface when you work and don’t let wax stay on the pallet longer than 20 minutes. Any wax in excess should be removed with a smooth cloth. Touch the surface when you are done to check if it’s smooth.

Use Detergents

Pallet furniture is great because you can use mild detergents on it without having a second thought. However, you should neutralize the detergent with water after using it. Don’t leave its contents on pallet furniture.

A great idea would be to use natural products for cleaning. For example, lemon or lime juice can replace any detergent while offering roughly the same result when it comes to spots. In addition, it will serve your pallet furniture and make it shine.

Make Wood Smell Freshly

Baking soda has the power to freshen up the surface of your pallet furniture. Another useful tip to absorb smells inside drawers is to put a pan of charcoal in them.

Final Words

Pallet furniture is demanding when it comes to cleaning. It will fit only those people who are ready to take care of it. In return, this furniture will live a long life that can be extended even further with proper wax and paint.

All you need to do to make your wood furniture look good over the years is to follow basic tips and learn how to act if a stain occurs. The faster you remove it, the longer your furniture will serve.

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