Mastectomy and the glaring facts

Glaring Facts

Glaring facts-Mastectomy is defined as a surgical procedure where you remove a portion of the breast tissue so s to deal with breast cancer. Deciding between the two surgical procedures might work out to be a difficult task. Though both procedures turn out to be effective for recurrence of breast cancer.  Lumpectomy is not a feasible option for anyone suffering from breast cancer whereas the others could stick to the option of mastectomy. 

When you are at the early stage of cancer, Mastectomy in Turkey could be a treatment option. With lumpectomy it is a form of procedure where your remove the tumour from the breast that is another option.

The newer form of techniques could go on to prevent breast cancer and following the procedure a natural appearance of the breast emerges. it goes by the name of skin sparing mastectomy. There could be a surgery to restore the shape of your breast and it is defined as breast reconstruction. It is possible to undertake the procedure  of mastectomy or at an operation in a later date.

The preparation

Even before the operation you have a meeting with the surgeon to be discussing about the treatment options. They are going to review your medical history and then plan for the treatment of anaesthesia. It provides  a great time to be asking questions where you can understand about the risks of the surgery.

A point to discuss is when you are going to have breast reconstruction and the period. After the cost of mastectomy in Turkey is enabled you can get the reconstruction done on an immediate basis. The breast reconstruction works out to be a complex surgical procedure undertaken by a plastic surgeon. It also goes by the name of a reconstructive surgery and if you doing mastectomy along with breast reconstruction then you have to meet the plastic surgeon well in advance glaring facts.

  • Discuss with your doctor about any medication, supplements or vitamins you are taking
  • There is a need to stop taking aspirin or blood thinning medication. Before a week of the surgery discuss which of the medicines that you need to avoid as it can cause excessive bleeding.
  • There is a need to stop drinking or eating 12 hours before the surgery. In fact the health care team are going to provide you with specific instructions about the same.
  • There is a need to prepare for the hospital stay. Discuss with your doctor on the exact duration of time you need to spend in the hospital. A robe along with slippers are a definite must when you are in the hospital.

To conclude after a couple of weeks after the procedure the results tend to be made available. On a follow up visit you will be give details about the treatment modules. Sometimes you could require more treatment and the doctor might refer you to a medical oncologist or a plastic surgeon. Eventually there are various support groups that might help you with the counselling sessions.

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