Important Facts About New York Landlord and Tenant Law

New York Landlord

When we bring forth the concern of landlord and tenant relationships, many hindrances fall in the way. Such relationships are often filled with rocks and topsy turvy that make the connection not so pleasurable between the two parties. Little do the tenants know that even they have rights, in fact, legal rights. At times when the landlords trespass their boundaries and act unlawfully, the tenants have little to answer. Their lack of knowledge about laws to protect their rights allows the exploitative landowners to take undue advantage. 

If you think of taking a Williamsburg room for rent in New York, the following facts will give you deep insight into your rights. You will develop an idea concerning how you can stop your landowners from tricking you.

Your landlord could not cut your necessary utilities if you complained about the apartment.

The New York state law mentions that the landowners ensure a safe, livable apartment for their tenants. The provision for utilities under a safe and livable apartment falls under the security measure they offer. The law binds them to provide you with hot water at a minimum of 125 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. They cannot cut off your electricity or water and provide heat between the 1st of October and the 31st of May.

Your landlord Cannot Evict You Out Of The Blue.

Your landlord cannot just kick you out of the house without any reason and simply out of the blue. You can defend yourself against such arrogance legally. There are only three reasons that can allow a landlord to ask his tenant to vacate the property;

  • Once the written contract between the landlord and the tenant expires.
  • If the tenant delays or ducks from giving his due rent to the landlord.
  • If the tenant outrightly violates all the rules stated in the contract. 

The case does not end here. Once such reasons get validated, the landlord has to drag the case to the court of law and win it. Only when the landlord wins the case over his tenant and gets the “Warrant Of eviction”. Consequently, if a tenant stays for more than 15 years in the same apartment, he has enough protection against eviction. Always remember that a mere eviction letter from the landowner or a notice from his lawyer can never bound you to leave.

Your landlord Cannot Usurp Your Security Deposit.

A landlord cannot use your security deposit to make renovations and repairs. At the end of the day, that is still your money, and he has to give it back to you if you leave the apartment after the time stated in the deal. A landlord can keep the security deposit only if the tenant does severe property damage or refuses to pay the rent adamantly.

The New York state law says that the security deposit should be similar to one month’s rent. The landowner cannot mix his finances with the security deposit and has to provide all details to the tenant. Such details will be in the form of a receipt containing information about the name and address of the bank and the account he deposited the amount in. The new law states that the landowner has to return the security deposit to the tenant within 14 days of vacating the house. 

Your landlord Cannot Increase The Rent Suddenly.

Your landlord cannot just knock on your door and ask you to pay an increased rent from the next month. The law does not give them the power to do that; rather, it protects the tenant from such atrocities. Under the new legislation of the New York state law, the landowner can increase the rent by 2% every year and not override the limitations in any way. Earlier, the landlords used to viciously increase rents and put the tenants under financial pressure. Now they no longer have a scope for it. 

You Can Have A Roommate With You

If you inform the landowner about the staying of a roommate from the next month, then he cannot stop that in any way. As long as you do not create a ruckus, it is completely fine. 

The above facts are some of the important ones among many others. Make sure you know every law to protect yourself from injustice. 

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