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Is content outsourcing a good move?

Content Outsourcing

It becomes imperative for businesses and various institutions to have the best online presence in the current world order. Having the right products is just a minor part of the picture; what works best is to have the best marketing for said product. As most companies divulge a lot of time and resources to market a product, they miss out on micro-and macro advertisement of any product; any company must note and analyze the perfect algorithm for a cost-benefit analysis of any product.

According to statistics, it so happens that any sized company tends to spend about 60% of marketing resources on conventional marketing techniques, which bring not more than 20% of income and the lesser part spent on rather unconventional ways rather have higher customer spending potential. Looking at things from a perspective while running a conglomerate or a multinational establishment, it’s challenging to keep everything under one roof. Out of all this, outsourcing is essential. 

Importance of outsourcing content work

The next question is, why would you outsource any company work? Outsources require divulging inside information to an outsider, which might cause risk to the company. Still, the bright side is when everyone can come up with a piece, but not everyone can communicate effectively like a seasoned content writer. As with all jobs, content writing requires a unique skill set to achieve the level of expertise necessary to tailor a written piece that is attractive and make sure that the product sells as it is needed to.

So now let’s see how exactly outsourcing your content helps you insatiably. 

1- You can have more time for working on strategy and other business activities

Firstly, outsourcing gives the business owner more time to work on strategy and product R&D. While marketing a product, it is essential to research the market for the profitability and the consumer requirement of the product. Based on the research, perfect and optimized content must be created, published, and gained from. While it seems to be more comfortable or cheaper to produce content by yourself, it rarely makes a business sense. It is always suggestible for all businesses to stick to business activities and work on their strengths and weaknesses. Leaving the content production and publishing to a seasoned professional will not only give you higher quality content, but you will gain back a lot more than your initial investment by utilizing your valuable time in the right direction.

2- You get quality assured content which can bring in positive results

Secondly, suppose your business is that of a marketer. In that case, it becomes tedious to produce content yourself as you have so many things to run and hand, leading to developing mediocre content and half-hearted marketing. Putting together high-quality content takes time. If you are to throw up a 500-word post off the top of your head, you can probably carve out enough time daily to do so. Also, a noob-level content is unlikely to significantly impact the target audience or bring any benefit as part of your content marketing strategy. 

If you want to put out content that will uphold your product in the highest regard and generate the highest income, you need to research the development, time, and a tad bit of resources. This entire process facilitates the creation of a well-researched, comprehensive, and practical piece of work. Thus this highlights the dire need for content work to be outsourced to seasoned content writers. 

An independent survey conducted in 2017 has shown that around 60% of businesses find it challenging to create content consistently. This fact also gives us an idea of how badly there is a need for good, well-versed content writers. 

3- You can take advantage of the flexibility, work efficiency, and creativity of the freelancers

If you are to look at it this way, a full-time writer has its advantages, but it also suggests that it would be challenging for you to evolve with the changing landscape. Outsourcing gives flexibility as it allows you to hire many writers and get loads of content at any point of varied nature. This allows the company to compare and analyze and then publish that piece that best suits the product. 

It is known that a hired writer is paid in terms of the number of words they write; it is in their interest that they work as rapidly and efficiently as possible. A full-time company writer has no real incentive to do, which may reduce efficiency; this leads to a downgrade in work output. 

Content producers are likely to have used several clients, and thus, they can bring experience and knowledge from each project to the table. They are well-aware of emerging content marketing trends and may be able to forecast trends in the industry and come up with a new proposition when you’re lingering for topics. 

4- You can give your business a better viewership

As we have seen so far, outsourcing your content is indispensable and profitable on a larger scale. When a particular work is outsourced, the writer works on the project as his accolade. It leads to a different set of viewership.  Thus,  giving the product a whole other platform and possibly new consumers leads to an even broader marketing base previously untapped. Such untapped features of the marketing grey area need to be used with utmost efficiency as it tends to provide the best in a class of consumerism. 

When hiring someone on a ghost-writing basis publishing content, the freelance content marketing professional can help the business to get more viewership per capita. They can research and innovate various ideas to one-up competition by publicizing comparative analysis.

5- You can seek help from a professional even for single projects

Infographics are a highly effective way of boosting SEO,as others use them to ponder over products and then link back to your website for a more holistic view.  What if the company doesn’t have the graphic skills to create one? Well, it is effortless and affordable to outsource it to a professional. Hiring a content creator can help you pull many of your ideas together and come up with the finished product quickly. 

About 80% of content marketing professionals claim that video is more challenging to produce than content creation. And yet video offers a fantastic promise and results along with it. Short videos are among the most highly shared forms of content on social media in today’s world and are remarkable for association and conversions. Producing video may seem an overwhelming task, but it is something easy to outsource. 

So, by far, we can say that outsourcing content is probably the best idea possible for any business. We can see that outsourcing helps in:

  • Increasing your social media following and engagement.
  • Experimenting with different types of content.
  • Increasing your sales and business revenue following the implementation of your content marketing plan.
  • Reaching a wider audience.
  • Producing and publishing content faster and more efficiently.
  • Benefitting from fresh ideas and varied viewpoints.
  • Getting quality work done without hiring a full-time professional
  • Enjoying the flexibility offered by it.

Outsourcing your content to a content marketing agency or freelancer can allow you to have hands-on quality content that can support your business goals and boost it. 

Publishing high quality and optimized content can grab the target audience’s attention, giving way to improvement in leads, conversions, and engagement.


Yes, content outsourcing is a great way to promote your content marketing, it helps in saving a lot of time for the clients and directly starts the process of content marketing solutions. 

If in any case, you are looking for the right content outsourcing company you can reach out to a digital marketing agency in bangalore which can promote your content and can help you in performing better on search engines and social media platforms.

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