Does Use of Near Infrared Light Therapy Devices Cause Harm?

Infrared Light Therapy Devices

Before knowing Near- Infrared light therapy, we have to know about Infrared light itself. Infrared light therapy is one type of light therapy that involves getting exposed to enough intensity of infrared light to get various benefits in health, medical and other sectors. 

The wavelength of the infrared spectrum is between 700 nm to 0.1 mm. Depending on the light frequency, we can divide it into 3 types: Near, Mid, and Far-infrared spectrum. If the wavelength is long and the frequency is low, then the light can penetrate tissues more. 

The wavelength of 700-1,400 nm is called Near-infrared Light.   In the range between 760-895 nm of the infrared light spectrum, it can stimulate the mitochondria function, which can increase metabolism that improve tissue repair and reduce inflammation. 

Maximum time people are confused between red light and infrared light spectrum. Red light is used to treat the surface of the skin that falls into the visible part of the light spectrum between 630-700nm whether Near-infrared wavelengths light spectrum is between 700-1400 nm. That means the wavelength is longer in the near-infrared spectrum, which helps to penetrate the cells more deeply by delivering the energy, and because of that, the healing and pain removing power is more. 

NIR Device and It’s uses in various field:

LED makes the optimal NIR technology from which you can control the temperature of the surface. It also disperses over a larger surface area than a RED light halogen or laser. It is measured in milliwatts. Through LED NIR, one can get fast treatment. 

NASA research has found-the NIR electromagnetic frequency is a band of energy that penetrates deeply into our body and can have healing power on our cells very fastly. For example, inside the mitochondria of every cell are receptors that respond to near-infrared wavelengths. In cell metabolism, light triggers protein synthesis (including collagen) and antioxidant activity (meaning the cells detoxify). Additionally, while simultaneously triggering growth and regeneration in the cells, it reduces inflammation and pain. 

It is arising from electronic transitions as well as those due to overtones, and combinations are expected to appear that’s why it is concerned with both vibrational spectroscopy and electronic spectroscopy. NIR spectroscopy does absorption, emission, scattering, reflection, and diffuse-reflection of light. The advancement of modern technology NIR spectroscopy progresses in instrumentation, spectral analysis, basic science application and applied science. NIR spectroscopy may have been invented in the 1880s. In the 1950s, NIR spectroscopy started works in hydrogen bonding and anharmonicity studies areas. However, because of insufficient development of spectrometers for NIR spectroscopy and the difficulty of the spectral analysis, the development of basic studies of NIR spectroscopy was relatively slow 

Proven Technology:

Recently, Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology is extremely successful in various industries. This device can check the quality of the food industry, provide benefits in the health industry, and so on.

By using pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, and asbestos testing and screening, etc. industry NIR (near-infrared) spectroscopy is a proven technology that finds a clear and proven result. 

A spectroscopic technique that uses the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum is based on overtones and combinations of bond vibrations in molecules. 

Standard incandescent or quartz halogen light bulbs are most often used as broadband sources of near-infrared radiation for analytical applications. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can also be used. For high precision spectroscopy, wavelength-scanned lasers and frequency combs have recently become powerful sources, albeit with sometimes longer acquisition timescales. When lasers are used, a single detector without any dispersive elements might be sufficient.

Older NIR therapy technology was costly and not so user friendly.

As research continued and our understanding of NIR light improved, researchers learned that lasers weren’t a necessary part of treatment. Red and near-infrared therapy LED panels emerged in speciality anti-ageing clinics, but the average person would expect to pay up to $300 for a single treatment session.

These barriers no longer exist because of advanced technology and the availability of infrared lamps designed for home use. Convenient therapy sessions at home mean you don’t have to go to a medical facility to see NIR light therapy’s benefits. It is helpful for those who can’t travel much and also save medical costs. 

Since the risks of using infrared lamps are minimal, you can use them without having a doctor or medical expert present. This device’s use is very like, plugging it in and applying the light to the affected area.

(Before you start the therapy at home, you should consult a doctor to see if it is right for you. A doctor can help access the severity of the condition for which you want to use the therapy and help you determine whether it is right for you or not.)

It is also used in the Materials science industry. NIR spectroscopy has been used in microscopic sample areas for film thickness measurements, research into the optical characteristics of nanoparticles and optical coatings for the telecommunications industry.

NIR is a beneficial and proven technology in today’s world.

NIR technology is typically comprehensive, leading to spectra that are more complex to interpret. It is not easy to provide specific features to particular chemical components. Application of multivariate calibration and careful development of a set of calibration samples and methods are significant for near-infrared analytical technology.

After knowing the NIR device’s process and its benefits in various industries, we can say it is a very useful technology and not harmful. However, nowadays it is advantageous and user-friendly technology.  

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