What Makes Gritzo The Best Health Drink In India For Kids

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It is every parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is getting the proper nutrition so they can stay fit and have healthy growth. However, this has become an increasingly difficult task to do as a lot of parents have to balance a hectic schedule on the other end. Lack of proper nutritional attention and home-cooked meals are causing many children to experience a nutritional gap, which may lead to several health complications such as osteoporosis and rickets in the long run, which is why it is important that you ensure your child’s health by supplementing their diet with best health drink in India.

Some of the most vital nutrients required for the proper growth and development of your child include minerals like manganese, potassium, and zinc, in addition to Vitamins A, D, and C. Over 60% of children under the age of six in our country have been studied to be lacking in these vital nutrients. 

Let us have a clearer look at Gritzo super milk and understand how it is the best protein powder for child in India

What’s Inside The Gritzo Super Milk

Gritzo Super Milk has been specially formulated using several ingredients that were designed to fulfil your child’s nutritional requirements and boost their growth. Here are a few things that make our product the best health drink in India.

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that is required by the body to carry out essential functions such as maintaining our vision and regulating the kidney and immune system. Deficiency of Vitamin A can cause health complications such as bacterial infestation, shortness of breath, and lack of vision. A single serving of Gritzo Super Milk contains 120 mcg of Vitamin A, fulfilling the recommended daily allowance for the same.
  • Vitamin D: Growing children need to get the right amount of Vitamin D to support the growth and development of their bones. It also helps our body to absorb minerals like calcium. A single serving of the best health drink in India 100% of the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D3, otherwise known as cholecalciferol. 

The incorporation of Vitamin D3 also ensures that it is absorbed by the body at a rate faster than any other form of Vitamin D. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to 

complications such as stunted motor development, body pains, and rickets – a condition characterised by bone deformation and bow leggedness in children.

  • Calcium:  Calcium is one of the most important minerals required by children. It is predominantly found in the teeth and bones and is responsible for carrying out essential functions such as regulating muscle contraction, maintaining heart circulation and the clotting of our blood. Deficiency of calcium in young children can lead to several complications such as the reduced brain function and osteoporosis, a condition wherein the bones are brittle and prone to damage.
  • Vitamin B9: Also known as folic acid, Vitamin B9 is a water soluble nutrient that 

is necessary for carrying out functions like regulating the formation of DNA and handling cognitive processing of our brains. A deficiency of folic acid can cause health complications such as folic anemia, weakness of limbs, and acute diarrhoea. 

  • Amino Acids: Amino acids are essentially recognised as the building blocks of your child’s growth and development. There are a group of vital amino acids such as arginine, histidine, isoleucine, and leucine which need to be absorbed from an external source as they cannot be synthesised by our bodies. Amino acids are responsible for regulating gut health and cognitive processing. Lack of amino acids can cause problems such as trouble focusing and delayed growth for your child. 

Apart from these components, Gritzo also takes several measures such as completely avoiding the use of artificial colouring substances and preservatives. Instead, they opt for a milk based protein that is easily absorbed by the body and is completely free of trans fats and vegetable oils.

 It is also a healthy source of nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, making it a viable option for vegetarians and vegans to fulfil their nutritional gap. These are just some of the few things that make our product the best health drink in India.

Benefits Of Consuming Gritzo SuperMilk

  • Regulates intestinal health: The best health drink in India is a rich source of additional nutrients such as fiber which is beneficial for ensuring the smooth digestion of food and preventing  constipation. Additionally, the micronutrients present in this are also responsible for regulating intestinal health by promoting the growth of healthy microbacteria.
  • Promotes growth and development: Gritzo Super MIlk is rich in protein, an essential nutrient that is required to aid the proper growth and development of your child. It carries out essential functions such as boosting metabolic activity, deploying lymphocytes at a faster rate to aid muscle repair, and strengthening bone density, making the best protein powder for child in India.
  • Boosts immune system: Apart from essential vitamins and minerals, the best health drink in India is also a rich source of probiotics and electrolytes which help in reducing skin inflammation, preventing the entry of external pathogens and strengthening the activity of the immune system.
  • Aids mental health:  Be it school work or engaging in extracurricular activities, kids nowadays have to go through a lot of pressure and exertion, which can have a negative impact on their mental health and attitude development. The best health drink in India contains micronutrients such as magnesium and zinc which help in putting your child in a relaxed state and reducing the oxidative stress exerted on the brain by boosting the production of serotonin.
  • Boosts cognitive processing: The wide range of essential multivitamins and minerals present in Gritzo Supermilk have been shown to have a positive effect on increasing children’s capacity for learning, boosting the retentive abilities of the brain and an overall improvement in cognitive processing. Regular supplementation could also be beneficial in preventing neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzeihmer’s or even age related macular disorder

It is important to make sure that you only use Gritzo Super MIlk as a nutritional supplement and not an actual replacement for a healthy balanced diet. Ensure that your child gets their primary nutrition from fresh and whole foods that are filled with vitamins and minerals, and supplement that intake with the best protein powder for child in India to achieve the best results.

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