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Get turkish nationality by buying property in turkey

In the scope of newly determined numbers about earning Turkish citizenship by purchasing property in Turkey, people who buy property equivalent to 250.000 dollars are able to get a Turkish citizenship. Themselves, their spouses and their children can profit from this exceptional citizenship right. In order to purchase property, the payment must be in dollars, Turkish liras or any other currency that is equivalent to the same amount. With the condition that the property isn’t in the military zone, the investment can be made anywhere.

Matters To Be Considered When Purchasing A Property

In earning citizenship by purchasing property in Turkey, property purchases must be in accordance with the regulation. Besides the condition about the military zone, things to consider when purchasing a property are as follows;

-The property to be purchased, on the basis of Property Turkey, must not be under the value determined with the last regulation.

-There should not be any transactions from before such as lien, pursuit, pledge and mortgage on the property to be purchased.

-A pre-application must be made to the land registry offices for the transfer of the property.

-Having an official, deed and registration to be signed at the land registry offices during the transfer process is a must.

-Provided that the property is in the territory permitted by the state, it should not be in a military or security zone.

A permission of temporary or permanent residence in Turkey is not needed in order to earn Turkish citizenship by purchasing property in Turkey. Even while residing abroad, the property in Turkey that the municipality has shown its current value can be purchased.

Naturalization After Purchasing Property In Turkey

In the sector of Property Turkey, foreigners who acquired the right of citizenship by meeting the necessary conditions can start their transactions with the title deed of the purchased property. After the documents requested by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs are brought together, the transactions about earning Turkish citizenship by purchasing property are started. After the required documents are submitted to the directorate, a commission is formed by the Ministry and the application is examined under the determined criteria.

The evaluated application is submitted to the President’s approval after receiving preliminary approval. The application deemed appropriate by the President is accepted and the right to earn Turkish citizenship by purchasing property in Turkey is given by Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. Since even a small mistake in the application conditions or documents prevents the acquisition of citizenship right, necessary transactions must be carried out under the supervision of someone who have sufficient expertise in Property Turkey. Otherwise, the investment is considered invalid.

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