Does Invisalign Worth the Hype?


Straightening teeth with braces is a nightmare for teens and adults alike. Having braces on does make it harder for brushing and flossing, which causes food particles to stuck in between the braces and eventually leads to plaque, tartar and cavities.

From tooth staining to sore mouth teeth, cuts inside the mouth, missing ligatures, broken brackets, speech difficulties the endless list of the inconvenience of wearing traditional braces continues.

According to the survey of Align technology, about half of the teenagers considers wearing traditional braces are embarrassing. The survey addressed issues like teasing, peer pressure and self-confidence.

Invisalign launched in 1997 as an alternative to traditional braces. It tried to address the imperfections of traditional braces but is it a successful alternative?

Let’s start with the benefits of Invisalign.

1) Invisible: Invisalign trays are invisible. no one will notice that you are doing orthodontics treatment. The Invisible appearance of the trays makes them more popular among teens and young adults.

2) Comfort: Invisalign trays are comfortable compared to traditional braces because the Invisalign is made of smooth plastic and is custom made.
3) Improved dental Hygiene: we have spoken about the difficulties of cleaning while braces are on. Invisalign trays are removable, which makes the cleaning of trays and mouth easier. the patient can remove the aligner before brushing and put it back after the brushing.

4) Saves time: Invisalign claims that it can straighten the teeth in 6-12 months. However, the duration of the treatment can prolong depending on the complexity of the cases.

5) Eat whatever you like: with traditional braces, you need to worry about what you eat, the sticky & hard foods cause the metal brackets to snap and wires to bend. With removable aligners, you can eat anything you wish to. You will have to remove the tray beforehand.

6) Dental Health: Having a straightened teeth is imperative for good dental hygiene. straightening the teeth also reduce other dental issues such as:
TMJ Disorder
Gum Disease
Worn teeth
Tooth Decay

We have seen why the Invisalign aligners are a very popular Orthodontics treatment among teens and young adults. now let’s look into the benefits of wearing traditional braces over Invisalign.

Issues that can be treated with braces:
Gaps between the teeth
Protruding teeth
Traditional braces are still considered the most effective solution for different orthodontic issues. from our survey, most Orthodontist still prefers traditional braces for complex teeth alignment issues.

Benefits of Traditional braces

They work Quickly: unlike Invisalign, you can’t remove traditional braces that prolong the time you wore the aligners. Wearing braces 24 hours a day helps to shift the teeth back to the desired position more promptly. As a result, it reduces the duration of the treatment.

Cost: Traditional braces are less expensive compared to other Orthodontics treatments options. The lesser cost of braces treatment makes it affordable. At end of the day beautiful, aligned teeth are the whole points of getting Orthodontic treatment.

Braces work for almost everyone: traditional braces works exceptionally well for children and adults alike. Invisalign treatment efficacy is questionable for straightening teeth in young children.

Disadvantages of Braces:

Visits to the dentist: you may require more visits to your Orthodontist to examine and assess the progress of your teeth straightening treatment. You will have to visit your dentist every month.

Restrictions on your favourite meals: you are not supposed to eat sticky food and hard food with your braces on, which may cause damage to the wires and brackets. You may have to spare your favourite dishes until you finish the treatment.

Inconvenience: The difficulties of maintaining proper dental hygiene may lead to cavities and other dental problems. It is found to be difficult to brush and floss with traditional braces on.

Pain and uncomfortable: Having braces can be a painful experience. patients with sensitive gum have experienced pain and soreness in their mouth. the sharp metals in your mouth can be a painful experience.


Now we have reviewed both the options for straightening teeth including the advantages and disadvantages. The success rate of that treatment is difficult to find as Invisalign treatment has not been around for a long time.

So comparing Invisalign and braces are hard. If you are a teen and self-conscious about your appearance with traditional braces, Invisalign may appeal to you. And the fact that it is removable so you can eat, drink, the floss may sound very interesting. But if changing the aligner every time while eating or drinking is Inconvenient, braces may be the best solution for you.

Finally, if you are a patient with complex teeth alignment issues, Invisalign may not be the right choice of solution for you, Invisalign trays are designed to treat mild teeth alignment issues.

So the treatment choice is down to the patient to decide after the evaluation of your teeth alignment with your Orthodontist.

Last but not least, choose your Invisalign providers correctly. The success rate of the treatment is depended on the experience of your Orthodontist. Invisalign Designate ranks to their providers based on the number of patients treated with Invisalign. They are silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The doctors who treated more patients have their head and shoulder above, compared to their competitors.

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