Beware of plastic surgery information on instagram

Plastic Surgery

Did you know that only about 18% of the plastic surgery information on Instagram comes from board-certified surgeons?

That’s not to say that the other 82% is inaccurate, but you should probably do some fact-checking to be on the safe side. You may find a lot of half-truths on social media, particularly when it comes to plastic surgery. The most dangerous part of a half-truth is how easily it can convince you that it’s the full truth. It’s trending, so it must be true. Right?

Social media can be a great place to start your quest for information. But if you’re serious about wanting to learn about breast augmentation or finding out how to get a boob job, you need to make sure you’re getting your facts from a reliable source.

Here’s why.

Tunnel Vision

Let’s say you see a before-and-after picture on Instagram. The caption talks about how this person struggled for years to tone their legs, but CoolSculpting has changed their life. You start to think about your own struggle to get toned legs and now you want CoolSculpting more than anything.

The fact that a treatment worked wonders for that person doesn’t necessarily mean it will do the same for you. It’s important to avoid getting too focused on one particular procedure.

In fact, most qualified plastic surgeons will say that you often need a combination of 2 or more procedures to get optimal results. And it’s hard to know what those procedures will be until the surgeon sits down with you to assess you properly.

Unqualified Practitioners

You can’t judge someone’s qualifications based on their social media profile. Don’t assume that they’re qualified just because you see the often-reassuring blue checkmark next to their name. That checkmark means Instagram has verified their identity. It doesn’t mean that they’re board-certified in any way. You need to be mindful of where you get your information from and you need to be even more cautious when choosing a practitioner. 

Take Botox for example. We are now seeing far too many unqualified people insisting that they can give you a Botox injection. There are even Botox and filler parties for those who know where to find them. Both of those things are unbelievably dangerous.

A botched Botox injection can be incredibly dangerous. Don’t take any chances, no matter how confident this person may seem, or how many other injections they claim to have given to other people.

If you are serious about plastic surgery and you want to do some research, you should skip social media and go directly to a board-certified surgeon’s website. If you like what you see, you can move onto contacting them directly.

From there, you can ask them detailed questions about their qualifications and their expertise. At the same time, they can ask you all about your goals and start putting together a customized plan.

Don’t be fooled by fake experts on social media! Just because someone calls themselves an influencer doesn’t mean they should have any influence on your opinion of plastic surgery.

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