How to Store Asphalt Sealer the Right Way During Winter

Asphalt Sealer

Have you found any cracks and holes in the driveway area of the house? Are you searching for the right solution that may keep it perfect by all means? It is very much important and compulsory to take care of the driveway area outside the house and also you need to manage it properly. Several reasons you may find behind this thing and you have to get effective solutions to repair these cracks and holes as soon as you can.

The best solution you could better apply is to search out the professional asphalt paving company around you which can better deal with such things professionally. It is strictly recommended you avoid other solutions providers which may be at your doorstep in the middle of the night and asking you to take their asphalt paving services. In reality, they are scammers and they will not apply the genuine method for the paving side as it should have to be.

They will offer you to take their asphalt services because they have leftover material for the previous task. In reality, they will only waste your time and money and they will never deal with such proficiency as these should have to be. Moreover, the main objective for applying the fresh asphalt paving solution over cracks and holes to remove the old asphalt solution all around where it has destroyed the roadside. 

It is very much important and compulsory to take help and support from asphalt paving company in this regard because they will apply the right method step by step and they will also remove the old asphalt before applying the new one. In this way, the new asphalt will grip tightly over the roadside and it will be a long-time solution for everyone respectively. Here you also have to know about one thing which is also quite important and compulsory in the whole procedure to apply over the asphalt paving is asphalt sealer. 

Do you have any idea about asphalt sealers? Have you ever noticed this thing before? Here we will describe to you about Asphalt Sealer in detail and you will also get to know here how professional asphalt paving companies use to take care of the asphalt sealer in the winter season to boost the life of the roadside for a long time. 

What is Asphalt Sealer?

An asphalt Sealer is a liquid layer that use to apply over the applied asphalt surface to protect it from bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, UV rays, and many other things like that. If you want to extend the life of the asphalt paving, you have to apply this solution over it to boost the life of the roadside respectively. 

It is hard to store the asphalt sealer during winter because the respective liquid may get hard and will be useless to apply over the cracked road respectively. Normally we can see that the life of an asphalt sealer will be three years and you can also apply the new coat of asphalt sealer after maturity. 

Here we will share with you few points that will provide you a detailed solution on how professional asphalt paving contractors will protect the Asphalt Sealer during winter and what type of quality points you should have to keep in your mind as well. 

Useful Tips to Protect Asphalt Sealer During Winter Season:

Following are the important points that will help you out to keep the asphalt sealer secure for a long time not only in winter. 

  1. Set Temperature of 45º to 50º F

It is very much important and compulsory for you to store the asphalt sealer in the drum and you have to be pretty sure that the temperature should be 45º to 50º F. the same temperature you have to manage in winter and summertime as well. If you will not manage the temperature accordingly, you might have to face some sort of serious issues regarding the useful product that will be going to waste for a lifetime. 

  1. Don’t Use the Steel Tank for Asphalt Sealer

If you are thinking to store the leftover asphalt sealer in a steel tank, it will be the worst idea which you should have to ignore. The best solution we will suggest is to get selected the drums and keep them at 45º to 50º F temperature. It will surely get placed securely and you can easily use this solution after winter as well. If you need to use the sealer during winters, after using the material, keep it as it was before the use. 

  1. Be Prepared Well Before Applying the Sealer

You need to be prepared before 3 hours of applying the sealer on the roadside. The emulsion sealer will start separate in 3 hours and it will require the stirring process. After the stirring process, you have to mix the water which is also compulsory and make sure to mix it before spraying it on the roadside respectively. 

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