How Business Will Change Under the Influence of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

For many people, artificial intelligence is still an idea for popular science movies and science fiction books, although in reality it has long been actively used for the benefit of humanity. Unmanned cars, SIRI, service chatbots, and the Boxever travel platform are just a few examples of the use of AI.

Today, people unknowingly encounter artificial intelligence on a daily basis: in service industries, social networks, commerce, etc. In the near future, it will probably be used by every business, regardless of size and specifics of activity. However, ai developer are already in high demand.

The role of AI in business

Artificial Intelligence is of enormous importance to businesses. Companies that have already resorted to development, note the positive results, the main of which is an increase in profits, attracting new customers, optimizing work processes and saving time on working with digital data.

Thanks to AI, many processes have been automated, which saves the cost of employing a large staff. Why hire an employee to perform tasks that are successfully handled by a computer? In addition, artificial intelligence is more likely to make one hundred percent accurate calculations and obviously will not make mistakes due to various human factors (fatigue, drowsiness, loss of attention, and so on).

Through AI, companies can identify fraudulent activities, improve security, improve customer service, develop effective marketing steps and create relevant advertising. All this makes organizations a strong competitor in today’s market, and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) company helps them do it.

How AI will affect business

Despite heated criticism from skeptical conservatives, the prognosis for the future use of artificial intelligence in business is quite positive. Already, significant advances are evident in companies that have incorporated AI into their operations.

With the help of artificial intelligence, companies will be able to implement innovative projects and move towards achieving higher business goals, spending a minimum of time and money.

Since its invention, artificial intelligence has been actively developed. Experts predict that in the near future it will be possible to solve important tasks through artificial intelligence. It will be able to:

  • manage businesses;
  • look after pets;
  • analyze the outcome of political confrontations;
  • translate instantly from all the languages of the world;
  • read emotions from human speech and facial expressions;
  • detect cancerous diseases in any tissues of the body;
  • detect diseases of agricultural plants.

According to a study by Accenture Institute for High Performance, artificial will double annual economic growth rates in many developed countries by 2035. It will help not only to increase corporate profits, but also to solve the most important problems of humanity, such as finding a universal cure for cancer, eliminating terrorism or stopping global warming. 

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