Are You Ready to Work Deep Instead of Hard?

Work Deep

Work Deep is a professional activity that is performed in a situation of full concentration without distraction, using the limit of cognitive abilities.

~Cal Newport

How do you work deeply using your time correctly?

The work and production that changed the world have always emerged via using the Deep Work method. Written books, magnificent projects and music, all sorts of artistic production have emerged thanks to the work done by the creators being fully concentrated.

There is what we call a surface work. People who work in this way do not have to push their brains mentally. Almost all people use this method of work in their daily lives. Even just scrolling through your social media on your phone with one hand and moving the remote control of the TV with the other hand belongs to this method of operation. Of course, this is not the only type of work. Thanks to modern tools and technologies you have a lot of help from the outside world that sometimes doesn’t cost as much. Like with a youtube share tool that can boost your Youtube channel without you having to put out new content constantly. Most of the work that you think is difficult is what we do by working superficially. For example, doing some homework for students or answering a series of emails from your employees is one of those team jobs.

If we want to go through hard things quickly and do something permanent by using our potential as much as we can, we need to learn deep work.

I will recommend to you my own method to study deeply.The first thing you need to do is to find what makes you feel more comfortable in the working environment.The environment in which you work must be suitable for you to use your full potential. There should be no distraction around whether it’s noise or too many people. Silence is one the most important things for most people. Working in silence, on your own makes it easier to use your brain capabilities to the fullest. Some people focus better with the background music. 

Once you have everything around you arranged for yourself, you can begin to concentrate better.

Some examples

Carl G. Jung built a cove house for himself, which did not even have electricity as a working environment and  wrote the books considered to be the founding texts of analytical psychology.

Quentin Tarantino closed off inside his room and wrote his scripts without even using a computer.

J.K.Rowling  rented herself a  hotel room in Scotland to create a writing space for herself outside her home and stayed in that room until she finished her ‘Harry Potter’ book.

The most important thing you should do after setting up such an environment for yourself is to use the time correctly. When you are just starting to work deeply, you cannot fully dedicate yourself to it. An hour of deep practice after waking up in the morning or before going to bed in the evening is enough for you when just starting out.

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