14 Best Marijuana Strains that’ll Help Take the Edge Off of the Holiday Season

Marijuana Strains

Holidays are a time for happiness, family, cheer, and oh yeah, a whole lot of stress.  All this stress and pressure can be a lot on the brain, triggering episodes of depression marijuana strains, chronic pain, and anxiety. 

But don’t let the stress of the holiday season get you down. What you need to help avoid the tension might be the perfect cannabis marijuana strains. Since cannabis strain classifications and each one’s effect are mostly outdated, the only way to know which strain can help you avoid the holiday season’s pressure is to give them a try. 

Here is a well-researched list of the best cannabis strains that help you take the strain out of the holiday season.

The following is a list of the best cannabis marijuana strains that will help with holiday stress:

  • OG Kush

Trendy for over a decade, OG ocean grown Kush frees your mind and calms your body – and lets the laughter flow. When you are chilling out with your friends, there is nothing better than relaxing and enjoying loads of laughs. Which is JUST what OG Kush was made for! 

  • Blue Diesel

Holidays are all about good vibes and good times. And the Blue Diesel definitely delivers on both fronts. This hybrid gives off a smooth, lasting buzz that will last for however long your holiday party stretches out.

  • Blue Dream

This sativa dominant hybrid is famous for its cheery, uplifting effects – guaranteed to bring good vibes to your holiday happening. 

  • White Russian

Just want to lay back, relax and enjoy your holiday? This well-proportioned hybrid guarantees an easy-going, peaceful vibe. Make sure you will make the most of the good conversation, good company and good food at your holiday outing.

  1. Northern Lights

Undoubtedly, coordinating an event, no matter how big or small, is daunting. In addition, all the hassles and the time crunch surrounding the holidays are nerve-wracking anyway. So, when it is all over and all the guests are, it’s your turn to unwind. And there’s no better strain to help you do just that than Northern Lights. Maybe the best strain of all time, Northern Lights is your peaceful ticket to the dream world.

  • Critical Jack

This Critical jack packs a powerful punch, nearly 19 per cent THC. Featuring a cool, fresh pine and lemon flavour profile, this strain also presents therapeutic benefits and a smooth toke. 

  • SnowDawg

This dominant hybrid is an uplifting, nearly euphoric strain that gives users creativity, positivity and energy. Featuring a soft, sweet smell, it breaks down into a chemical and earthy citrus taste and smell.

  • Presidential Kush

Presidential Kush is said to give off on more of an Indica-kind feel, particularly in the first half-hour or so. The second part of the high brings ameliorative benefits and a lift in energy that could help with appetite and mood stimulation.

  • Purple Voodoo

The Purple Voodoo has both narcotic and energizing effects. With a scent suggesting incense, it turns earthy, sweet, and spicy in consumption. This strain offers a good combination of energizing and sedating effects.  

  • Candyland

Coming in at 25 Indica and 75 per cent sativa, the Candyland is the perfect mood enhancer that might also help with muscle relaxation and tension. Its smell profile is described as fruity, fuel-y and earthy, fuel-y, fruity, candy, and sweet. 

  • Chocolate Chunk

This powerful Indica (said to be 100 per cent) provides a relaxing and warm body feel. It also invites a strong sense of relaxation and calm. 

  • ACDC

If you want to pass up the high and induce the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits of CBD, this is the strain for you. ACDC smells like cherries and lemon before grinding, then changes to a woodsy smoke that keeps the sweetness of the cherries.  

  • Barney’s Red Diesel

If you are in search of an Indica-dominant hybrid that makes you feel comfortable and warm, Barney’s Red Diesel is the strain for you. Referred to as a mix of both sweet and sour to the nose, it would make a perfect strain for medical marijuana patients owing to its potency and effects. 

  • Outer Space

Although this cannabis strain isn’t likeable at first whiff – most say it smells both fecal and putrid – it gets less pungent with grinding and becomes floral and citrusy when ingested. Once you move past the strong smell expect a complete Sativa experience that is focused and energizing. 


Use one of these cannabis strains outlined above. They could help you relax, and stay sociable. After all, the holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer. And with the best cannabis strain, that’s exactly what it can become. You can order marijuana seeds online and grow your own as well.

Be sure to give these holiday-friendly strains a try and stay safe out there (and remember there is still a pandemic, so wear a mask and practice safe distancing!). 

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