A Brief Overview on Reloading Rifle Ammunition Tools

Rifle Ammunition Tools

If you are thinking about reloading rifle ammunition accurately there’s a bunch of things you should consider first. One of the first things you have to think about is the equipment, the components, and the supplies that you’re going to need to get started. However, it’s a non-trivial list with a bunch of options so rather than have you get completely overwhelmed. In this article, we are going to share those essential components that you are going to need and then non-essential components that are going to make life a little bit easier on you. So let’s explore them….

Case Trimmer

A case trimmer will let you reload your rifle ammunition accurately without any major issue. With a 2,400 case trimmer, you can insert a brass case and the cutter head will take off a small amount of brass. It has a micrometre to adjust it so it makes it easy to make precision adjustments. Moreover, it has primer pocket cleaners so you just twist the brass there and clean out the primer pocket. Having a trimmer is important for rifle brass because each time it’s fired the case mouth typically gets longer, and longer and eventually that’s going to cause chambering issues.

Powder Measure

During the rifle reloading process, if you are manually throwing powder you are going to hold your brass onto the bottom, and then in this case you have got a rotating drum, it’s going to dispense a powder charge. It has a micrometre which is nice so that you can make precise, repeatable, adjustments to the metering insert.

CBS Case Lube System

This CBS pad allows you to charge it with lubrication liquid fluid and then you roll the cases on the pad to lubricate them. Also, you can roll your case mouth brush on there, and then you’ll apply lube to the inside of the case mouth so that your expander ball has minimal friction. Moreover, this case Lube on the outside of the case is going to prevent the case from binding in your sizing die. The CBS case lube system is essential for rifle loading.

Powder Trickler and Digital Scale

With a powder trickler, you just fill it with powder and then turn the knob, and then it trickles granules of powder out into your digital scale (e.g. Hornady GS-350). It allows you to weigh bullets, weigh powder charges, weigh cases whatever you need to do. To measure, typically you will zero out your pan and then you’ll either just have the pan do a charge measure with the charge weight. Also, you can even zero out the scale with brass on it and then go ahead and charge it. In this way, you will get a perfect measure system for reloading your rifle ammunition. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE for more information about it.

Powder Funnel

The powder funnel has funnel-shaped on both sides so it will work with a variety of different types of brass. Powder funnels allow a quick and clean system when you are pouring large particles into reaction vessels. Powder funnels come in various diameter sizes which are reusable or disposable models with releasing air systems.

Universal Loading Block

Universal loading block (quantity loading block) allows you to keep track of your cases as you’re going through the loading process. You can even put this right under your powder measure and do multiple throws at the same time. It’s great to take a look down and inspect powder charge levels for that sort of thing. The best way is to load some at the front and then move them to the back so that you can keep track of what’s been processed for a given stage and what hasn’t.

So, those are the essential and non-essential items that you will need or want to get started loading. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list, there’s a whole bunch of other things that you can use like progressive presses, bullet feeders, fancy case cleaning setups, ammunition boxes, and so on. Finally, take your time to make the process more sophisticated and do more research about it because it is very important.

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