7 most simple exercise for overweight people

Simple Exercise

Shedding excess weight can be Overweight people, especially if you have battled between weight loss and weight gain all your life. Although you may have negative connotations with exercise, it’s essential to realize that it can be fun. Your mind may tell you otherwise, especially during a workout, and it can convince you that the sofa is the only place you belong. However, if you hope to lose weight and keep it off, your first task is to realize that you can enjoy exercise—it’s all about finding something you like.

Start with the premise that to lose weight, all you have to do is move as much as you can so you can burn off excess weight. Sounds simple, and it is. While there are many classes available both online and in your community, you don’t need to make a considerable commitment to attend these classes if you don’t want to. Instead, you can start small and see change on your scale with the following seven simple exercises.

However, please note that these quick exercises sometimes, can make you sore and can also be resulted in muscle damage as well. So, it’s better to have something to recover quickly from pain. May be some therapies or a percussive massage gun would help. Massage guns are effective in getting instant relief from pain and also preventing any possible further injuries. You can go for Exogun DreamPro as it is the best you can get. This deep tissue massager will boost your muscle function and recovery after every workout. Used by the pros, Exogun delivers the ultimate recovery!

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Walking is the simplest exercise on the planet. You don’t need to be coordinated, and you can do it at your own pace. You can walk amid nature to improve your physical and mental health, or you can walk on the treadmill while binge-watching your favorite show. You can even run errands on foot and get two things done at once. 

There’s no excuse when it comes to this simple exercise. A smartwatch or a simple pedometer can track your steps throughout the day and let you know how active you are. Ideally, aim for 10,000 steps a day if you hope to reach a highly active status. However, start small if you hate exercising and increase your step goal as the weeks go by. 

Kettlebells squats

If you hope to burn the excess weight faster, then incorporating weights is the way to go. A simple exercise to do with weights is a squat while lifting a kettlebell above your head and swinging it below your thighs during the squat. If it sounds too ambitious, start by sitting down on a chair and then standing up, repeating this move for as many reps as you can until your body is strong enough to take on squats. 

Growing muscle is an excellent way of burning fat post-workout. For quicker results, you can opt to grow muscle with sarms, although it’s essential to read the health risks you may incur when taking these types of steroids.


The stationary bike is having a moment these days with companies launching on-demand and live cycling classes. Although you can opt to try these programs if you have the budget, you can also take the more affordable route and invest in a simple stationary bike. You don’t need a fancy digital monitor and ten types of exercise modes if you can’t afford them. Simple stationary bikes are just as effective in burning calories. You can work out in the comfort of your home while listening to your workout playlist, a podcast, or watching your favorite show. 

Straight leg raises

The sit-ups’ predecessor, the straight leg raise, is the easier move if you hope to conquer sit-ups. For this move, you must lie down on the floor and raise one leg at a time, doing as many reps as you can. Once your body gets used to this move, you can venture to try lifting both legs simultaneously. 


The rope is a childhood staple for most, and as we get older, most of us lose the ability to use this simple toy in the way we used to. Yet, the rope is such a powerful tool to help you burn calories fast. You might only jump 20 skips before you call it a day. No matter how small the number seems, keep persevering because this one will have you seeing results fast.


Maybe you dread lunges more than any other exercise, but it’s good to give this workout a try to strengthen your legs and glutes. You can incorporate lunges in your day, rather than fixing a time for them and dreading every minute up to that point. If you’re home-bound, you can do a set of lunges while walking from your home office to the bathroom or the kitchen. You can set a goal for lunges per day and see if you can manage them.

Modified push ups

For a solid upper body and lean arms, pushups are the way to go. If a regular pushup is too much to handle, start by resting your knees on the floor, so you have more support while performing the move. Once you conquer modified push ups, then you can move on to the regular ones.

Undoubtedly, there are other simple exercises you can try to help you lose weight. You can blast your favorite music and dance around the house or use a hula hoop to work your waste. Remember that the important thing here is to move in any way you can.

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