5 methods to boost testosterone levels

Boost Testosterone Levels

Interested in upping the boost testosterone levels? Here are five methods that will help you.

Ever thought about why women, no matter how hard they train, do not get as big as their male counterparts? This is simply due to the fact that testosterone is much more present in the male chemical makeup than in women’s. Testosterone is basically the hormone that has been labelled as “the male hormone.” This is the hormone that is the main reason behind puberty, muscle mass in men and their onset of puberty. 

There is both good and bad news from us. The bad news is that if you have been exercising and training for a significant amount of time but are not seeing results, low testosterone amounts could be the explanation. The good news is that you can do a bunch of things to boost your testosterone levels. Some of the benefits why you may consider doing so are as follows:

  • It helps with reducing the amount of body fat
  • Wards off depression
  • Easier to gain muscle mass
  • Better performance in the gym and elsewhere
  • Stronger bone
  • Faster and sharper mind
  • The heart functions better

The benefits listed above should be enough to convince anyone to work on reaching a higher testosterone level. Who likes being bad in bed or sucking at the gym? Not many I would presume. Testosterone can be like the “limitless pill” if you happen to be an athlete or are aiming at being one. While there are ways to amp up the levels of testosterone through unhealthy means, steroids anyone?, there are far more safer and natural options you should consider first. 

Proper Diet

One of the best things you can do for yourself if you are trying to boost your testosterone levels, is to stop consuming junk food. The diet your body is on will have an enormous effect on your test levels and it is also an important factor to consider when trying to boost your testosterone levels. A balanced diet consisting of the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats is essential. 

THere is a misnomer that fat reduces T levels and as a result many abolish it completely from their diets. This is not the right way to go about things and may in fact be counterproductive to you goals of higher testosterone levels. Another thing that has gotten quite the bad press in the fitness world is cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential for you to have in your diet. It is omnipresent in all cells of the body and it plays a vital function in formulating hormones, proper digestion and even in the production of vitamin D.

HIIT Training

There is an efficient and more productive way of spending time in the gym. It does not necessarily have to be a 3 hour activity every time you go to the gym. In fact, some studies suggest that too long exercise sessions can actually reduce the T levels of the body. What you should be aiming for is shorter but much more effective workout sessions. 

High intensity interval training is a training and exercise program that you should consider if you want to supercharge your workout sessions. This type of training also does wonders for your T levels. This is a proven method to amplify your T levels in the gym. Other exercising programs that also boost up your T levels is in the application training that involves the hypertrophy principle. 

It is not wise to spend hours upon hours in the gym. In fact, studies show that spending more than an hour in the gym exercising has led to lower T levels. Working out for longer periods than an hour will lead to exhaustion. Aim at reducing that time by using shorter resting periods between sets. 

Consume Products That Boost Testosterone

Consuming products that are proven to have ingredients that boost T levels is a surefire way to get your body to produce more Testosterone. It is also one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve the goal of more Testosterone in the body. 

Zinc, one of the essential minerals needed for the body to function properly, can do wonders to your testosterone levels. In the bodies of men, zinc does a very vital function by producing and maintaining proper test levels. Another important source to boost T levels is Vitamin D. 

Cut down your stress levels

The stress hormone that the body releases is not at all good in any way on the long-term health and functioning of the body. So there’s that reason to cut down on stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone and testosterone levels are proportional inversely to one another. So if your body is producing too much cortisol, your testosterone levels will go down. 

Increased stress also leads to increased appetite and as a result you may gain weight. This will also lead to unhealthy fat deposits in the body. These are all things that significantly affect your T levels. A balanced diet and lifestyle is recommended to ease stress and not have your T levels go down unnecessarily. 

Consider Light Therapy

As we have already mentioned, vitamin D helps with increasing T levels. Vitamin D is accrued from the sun’s light. Light therapy can be a good option of getting Vitamin D in bulk quantities. NIR and Red light wavelengths are such that they have been particularly good and effective in stimulating energy production in the cells responsible for the production of testosterone. When the energy production levels of these cells go up, it is only natural for the body’s T levels to go significantly up.  

Better health and better mental health. These benefits should be more than enough for any man to want to boost their T levels and if you are looking into doing exactly that, you should definitely consider the options listed in this article to boost your T levels. 

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