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Why Junk Bunk Is Best for House Clearance in London

House Clearance

Junk Bunk is a company that prides itself in services related to household waste clearance, office rubbish removal, builders waste collection, and also services pertaining to cleanliness maintenance in your business. They offer one of the best effective services in London, United Kingdom. The following are some of the reasons you should consider Junk Bunk services. 

  1. Licensed. Any reputable house clearance firm in London should have valid authorization documents. Junk Bunk is a certified and licensed company to handles and disposes of waste. The staff working there too are well-trained personnel. This ensures that all collected waste is disposed of in an Eco-friendly manner.
  2. Customer service. Junk Bunk has the best customer service, from the person who picks your call for assistance to the people who will come to your house for a house clearance exercise. A business with good customer service growth is guaranteed. Junk Bunk has proven this from the rampant growth to serve many people in London. They are also trustworthy, and sometimes you may require Junk Bunk services, but you are not physically present to ascertain. This should not be a problem as they can take photos and videos just to make sure you are paying for what was actually delivered.
  3. Flexibility. Junk Bunk is so flexible that you can find same-day services. This is an important factor to consider because sometimes emergencies knock on your door, and you can’t afford to wait. For instance, your shower door shutters at night. This is a hazardous situation that cannot wait and can only be handled by professionals. All you need to do is call Junk Bunk’s hotline, and house clearance service will be send your way as soon as possible. 
  4. Recycling and disposal. Wondering where to dispose of unwanted items after refurbishing your home or after moving places in London? Junk Bunk will handle that for you. They have great procedures to handles waste disposal and recycling. For old furniture, they donate to needy places like hospitals and children centers or resale them at a lower price. If the waste is plastic or another type, they are taken to their disposing facilities, and the waste is sorted accordingly. After the sorting, then waste is gotten rid of using appropriate methods. 
  5. Well equipped. Junk Bunk is well equipped with all necessary equipment to ensure s successful house clearance. Some household items are fragile and require proper handling, for example, electronics, a huge aquarium, or even a car in your garage that won’t start. Junk Bunk has effective packaging facilities to keep your stuff safe and machines to safely lift what requires lifting.
  6. Professionals. Junk Bunk is a company whose services are well researched and professionally executed. This means they have experience in what they are doing and will not carry out a trial and error experiment on their customers. All its employees are well trained and equipped with knowledge of the different services they offer.
  7. Insured. Insurance is not a legal requirement for home clearance companies. However, a diligent company will want to be insured in case of accidents. As a client, you will have peace of mind knowing damages on your valuables will be compensated, and that is what Junk Bunk in London offers its clients.
  8. Affordable. Junk Bunk offers affordable prices depending on what services you are hiring them for. In case of a house clearance, you will have to state where you are moving to, the type of waste to be disposed and also if you will need their transportation services to where you are moving to. Junk Bunk tailor make a package for you their clients. Then you choose what best suits you.
  9. Accessible. Junk Bunk is accessible in so many parts of London, United Kingdom. They are available in East London, North London, West London, Essex, Kent, and Surrey. This means Junk Bunk is a trusted brand, and because of their great services, they have been able to expand and serve more customers. Junk Bunk has a very easy-to-navigate website. This means that their services are easily accessible and also their responses to inquiries are remarkable. 
  10. Variety of services. Junk Bunk prides itself on the numerous services they offer, and just like their tag line states,” YOUR JUNK IS OUR CARE,” they have a lot to offer in terms of disposal and house clearance services. The following are services offered by Junk Bunk.
  • House Clearance
  • Office Clearance
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Shed Clearance
  • Garage Clearance
  • Garden Waste Removal
  • Builders Waste Disposal
  • White Goods Disposal

Some of these services can be long-term or cost-shared among other clients. For example, full property clearance services and rubbish collection. If you are living in apartments cleaning outside your house could be a not favorite task. However, all the apartment owners can contract Junk Bunk services to clean for you depending on your preferred schedule and cost-share the bill.

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