How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?

iPhone to Android

If you are switching from iPhone to Android, then you are probably going to come across this question when making the shift. You don’t want to lose your important & sensitive WhatsApp data, right?

But it is not quite easy to transfer your WhatsApp messages and data directly from your iPhone to android. You can’t just create a backup of your WhatsApp data and then restore it on your new phone like you do when transferring WhatsApp from android to android. 

If you have to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android or you want to know how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, then you need to use a non-standard method of data transfer.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the most secure and reliable ways you can transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android and Vice Versa. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to it and talk about the best ways to Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android

How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android – 4 Best Methods for 2021

  1. WhatsApp Transfer Via Dr. Fone 

WonderShare Dr.Fone-WhatsApp Transfer is best, safe, and secure solution to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android in our opinion. Dr. Fone software helps you transfer WhatsApp messages and media from an android device to iPhone as well.

This software is quite easy and convenient when it comes to doing WhatsApp data transfer. So, if the ease of data transfer is your preference, we suggest you check out this powerful software for data transfer. 

Here is how you can use the Dr. Fone software.

  1. Download the Dr. Fone software and install it on your PC. 
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  1. Launch the software. You will find various features provided by this software including Data Recovery, Phone Manager, Password Manager, and WhatsApp Transfer, etc.
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  1. Choose the WhatsApp transfer option.
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  1. Connect both the iOS and Android devices to the PC using USB cables.
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  1. Now, from the WhatsApp Transfer option, click on the Transfer WhatsApp Messages option. 
  2. The transfer will start. Once the transfer is completed, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. 
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This is it! This is all that you have to do to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android using Dr. Fone. 

This software is quite powerful and robust. You can rely on it for accurately and efficiently transferring your data from iPhone to Android.  

  1. WhatsApp Transfer Via Wazzap Migrator

Wazzap Migrator is another powerful WhatsApp Transfer solution that you can use to transfer your WhatsApp data between iOS and Android devices. 

You can use this app to transfer WhatsApp messages as well as attachments from iPhone to Androids. 

This tool requires you to iTunes for doing the transfer. The method for using Wazzap Migrator is fairly simple and straightforward. 

Here is how you can use this method to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android 

  • Start your PC and run the iTunes App on it
  • Backup your iPhone on your PC
  • Download the Wazzap Migrator app from the official website
  • Run the App and choose the ChatStorage.sqlite under the option iTunes backup 
  • Extract the file and upload it on your Google Drive 
  • Now, transfer the sqlite file and media files to the Downloads folder on your Android device
  • Run the Wazzap Migrator App on your android device 
  • Tap on the Play button to start the conversion
  • Visit the Google Play Store and Install WhatsApp from there
  • When you run WhatsApp, it will automatically restore your messages 

This process might come off as a bit complicated, but it works. This method will ensure that your data is transferred in the best possible way. 

  1. WhatsApp Transfer Via Email Chat

If you don’t want to with the above methods, then you can always try the Email Chat options on your android device. This method requires you to use the default Email Chat features of your android device. 

With the method, you use the iPhone Email service to transfer chats via Email to yourself or other recipients.

The method for this is quite simple. Here is what you need to do to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via Email Chat 

  • Choose the conversation that you want to share via Email 
  • Swipe on the conversation and choose the More option 
  • From there, access the Chat settings. You will find the Email Conversation option there
  • Tap on the Email Conversation to get started 
  • You can add media files along with messages if you want to 
  • Enter the Email Address of the recipient and you would be good to go
  1. WhatsApp Transfer Via Backuptrans

Backuptrans is a recommended solution for doing WhatsApp transfer which is popular all over the world. This method for WhatsApp transfer is incredibly simple and easy. 

This software has a simple to use UI design which makes it easy for you to do the WhatsApp transfer. 

Here is What you need to do to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to android via Backuptrans.

  • Download and Install the Backuptrans app on your PC
  • Connect your iPhone and Android devices to the PC 
  • The software might ask you to backup your messages on your iOS device 
  • Click on your iOS device from the interface of the app
  • You need to look for the Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android option there and click on it 
  • The tool will start transferring the messages from iPhone to android

The only drawback of this approach is you are going to lose all your WhatsApp messages that are previously on your android device. So, you need to keep that in mind when using this app. 

Final Words

When it comes to transferring WhatsApp between iOS and Android devices, there are a plethora of solutions out there that you can try out. 

But if you don’t want to waste your time with solutions that don’t even work, we recommend that you check out the methods that we have talked about in this article. 

All of these methods for WhatsApp Transfer are reliable and well-tested. 

Go over the WhatsApp Transfer methods given in this article for doing a Quick & Easy data transfer from iPhone to Android.  

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