Top 5 Maruti Cars You Can Buy Under 7 Lakh INR

Maruti Cars

All over the world, India is counted amongst the largest automotive markets. Many Indians prefer to buy a car under their budget as it is a vital thing to look for. There are many car manufacturers in India that offer cars in various price ranges and Maruti is one of them. The unchallenged sales of Maruti cars as well as their wide reach clearly reveal the fact that they understand the patrons efficiently. Customers can also buy Maruti car accessories from online as per their needs that are available at affordable prices. 

Moreover, if you are the one who is looking for Maruti Cars under your budget then this post is for you. Below, you will find a list of the Best 5 Maruti Cars that you can buy for under rupees 7 Lakh. 

# List of Best 5 Maruti Cars under 7 Lakh INR

1.    Maruti Alto 800 – 3 Lakh onwards

When it comes to small and reliable cars then Maruti Alto 800 is on top of the list. This car is well-known for its some excellent features and is affordable as well. In India, Maruti Alto is a top-selling car and attracts buyers for its superb mileage and design. According to the company, it has a mileage of more than 22 km/litre and is available at Rs 3 lakh onwards. The company sells the hatchback in 3 trims that are Std, L, and V in which the L trim is also provided with a CNG kit. Furthermore, Maruti Alto 800 is available in 8 variants. The base model of the car STD and the top variant is the Maruti Alto 800 LXI that is available at a price of 4.82 Lakh.

2. Maruti K10 – 3.5 Lakh onwards

The next car on the list is Maruti K10 which is well-known for its wonderful features. This is a perfect car for small families and is a cost-effective option. It has an Auto Gear Shift that is based on an electronic control unit and confirms that gear, as well as clutch operations, happen at ideal timing. The price of this car starts from 3.5 Lakhs and above as per the variant you choose to buy. You can check for this car at the Maruti dealership and if required go for a test drive for confirming its on-road performance. So, this is one of the most affordable cars of the brand and also registers great sales.

3. Maruti  S-Presso – 3.78 Lakh onwards

Maruti  S-Presso is a premium hatchback from Maruti  and is has an extraordinary road presence. This car attracts customers because of its excellent features such as an attractive interior, mounted instrument cluster, bold design, airy cabin, dual airbags, dual-tone bumper with integrated reflectors, and many more. This car is powered by a 1 liter 3 cylinder petrol engine that produces 67bhp / 90Nm. In addition to this, it is easy to buy S-Presso Maruti car accessories from boodmo as there is a wide array available. This car is available in more than 10 variants and you can buy it as per your needs and choice.

4.    Maruti Wagon-R – 4.93 Lakhs onwards

Maruti Wagon-R has been a popular car in India according to its price. The price of this car starts from 4.93 Lakhs and increases according to the variants such as Wagon R LXi 1.0, Wagon R VXi 1.0, Wagon R LXi 1.0 CNG, Wagon R ZXi 1.2, and others. It has all those modern features that people usually look for such as auto gear shift, dual front airbags, and ABS with EBD. Also, with no effort, you can buy easily Wagon-R Maruti car accessories from boodmo at very reasonable rates.

5. Maruti Celerio – 5 Lakhs onwards

In the list of the best 5 Maruti Cars under 7 Lakh INR next is Maruti Celerio which is available in 6 colors. It receives a better response than other Maruti cars and is known to have a mileage of 26.68 km/liter. There are about 7 variants of Maruti Celerio from Celerio LXi to Celerio ZXi Plus AMT and you can choose them as per your budget and the features you want. Therefore, Celerio is a good option if you are looking for a car having a nice exterior, interior good mileage, and many more.

# Final Words

Maruti  offers a wide range of cars and people can buy the car as per their budget. The cars are reckoned for their mileage, reliability, and less maintenance charges. Also, if you love to purchase car accessories then you can choose to buy Maruti car accessories from boodmo for your car. These accessories will also give a new look to the car efficiently. On the other hand, we hope that the list given above will surely help you in choosing and buying the Maruti cars under 7 Lakh INR.

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