The Delta 8 Gummy Craze


In the CBD world, consumers are raving about Delta 8 gummies and other edibles. Not only due to the convenience factor but also due to the many health benefits that experts say are helping people around the world.

  • What exactly is Delta 8?
  • How does it work to give you different relaxing and health effects when regularly taken?
  • Why do people love Delta 8 edibles so much and what makes the Delta 8 gummies so popular? 

All of these questions and more will be answered below.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is short for Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is sourced from the Cannabis plant. It is a cannabinoid with psychoactive properties. As an isomer of the Delta 9 CBD, it cannot be found directly from the Cannabis plant and placed into Delta 8 products. Delta 8 is oxidized from the Delta 9 strain of the Cannabis plant to make a milder strain of CBD that still gives you pleasing natural high effects of happiness and satisfaction. 

Cautionary Tip: Be mindful that while Delta 8 is less potent than marijuana that overuse of Delta 8 edibles can make you fail drug tests if you have to take one of them for any reason. 

How Does Delta 8 Work?

When you consume a Delta 8 edible, you will feel a natural “high”, but it is on a moderate level that helps you to feel more relaxed. You will feel the psychoactive properties of the Delta 8-THC flower just within minutes of consuming an edible or using a Delta 8 oil. There’s even a level of therapy that’s involved in the experience when you take Delta 8. 

Hence, Delta 8 is a strain of cannabidiol (CBD) that affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body. Your ECS helps your immune system to function healthily as well as your nervous system and overall organs. You feel more calm and satisfied when you consume a Delta 8 edible because it connects to the receptors of the natural chemical in your body called anandamide. 

Anandamide is known as a messenger molecule that influences key bodily functions such as fertility, depression, memory recall, pain, and appetite levels. The chemical properties that help to interact with anandamide can help you to combat anxiety, stress, arthritis, insomnia, nausea, inflammation, and lack of energy amongst other health benefits.

Which States Have Legalized Delta 8? 

Out of the 50 states throughout America, only 30 states have legalized Delta 8. 

Hence, Delta 8 is illegal in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, Alaska, and Vermont. 

Some of the legal states are unclear in whether they have legalized Delta 8 or not. Other states actually regulate their use of Delta 8. 

The states that may have unclear regulations are Nebraska, Kentucky, and Mississippi. The states that regulate their use of Delta 8 include Nevada, Michigan, Connecticut. 

Any other states not listed in the above categories are considered states that have legalized the use of Delta 8.

Cautionary Tip: Since the Delta 8 industry itself is unregulated, be sure that you only purchase Delta 8 edibles from brands with a backed reputation, so that you get the best product experience and not be swindled by a brand only in the market to capitalize on the craze.  

Why Do People Love Delta 8 Edibles?

People love Delta 8 edibles because of their convenience, taste, and how it does not attract attention to you if you wanted to consume one in public. 

Delta 8 edibles are convenient because they come pre-packaged and ready to eat in the proper dosage. Other ways to get Delta 8 are using CBD oils, vaping or smoking, or taking Delta 8 pills. The gummies are a tastier alternative that take out some of the bitter taste of the Delta 8 THC flower itself because of the different fruity or other sweet flavors incorporated in the edible gummies. 

Cautionary Tip: Take the recommended dosage of any Delta 8 edible you choose so that you can get a natural, therapeutic high without it overpowering you. 

Many people love the taste of Delta 8 edibles, especially the gummies. There are plenty of flavors on the market such as strawberry, citrus, peach, mango, blue raspberry, and more! You can even try a bottle of Delta 8 gummies that have assorted flavors, so that you have a taste for every mood you have throughout the week. 

You can also be discreet as you consume a Delta 8 edible. If people around you in public have misgivings about Cannabis products, you can take the edibles without getting judged for your decision in using said products. 

Why Are Delta 8 Gummies the Most Popular?

The Green Dragon CBD sells the best Delta 8 gummies on the market and are one of the most reputable brands in the industry when it comes to CBD. They offer a product line with a variety of flavors to choose from.

You can choose from higher potency Delta 8 gummies such as the Hemp Living High Potency Peach Gummies (25 mg per serving). There is also a Delta 8 chocolate bar that you can try if you prefer chocolate over fruity flavors.

You can try other brands from Green Dragon’s inventory such as Cannabis Life (25 mg of Delta 8 per serving) and Canna River (25 mg of Delta 8 per serving). While the Hemp Living variety claims to be a “high potency” Delta 8 gummy, it has the same amount of Delta 8 in every serving like in Cannabis Life and Canna River branded edibles. 

Other Delta 8 gummies offered include Euphorica, Urb, Kush Burst, and Koi.

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