Temporary Industrial Buildings from Smart-Space

Industrial Building

Available for both hire and purchase, temporary industrial buildings from Smart-Space could help your business meet its manufacturing capacity if you need additional facilities. We will ensure that your temporary space works just as you need it to.

Whether your company is in the logistics, retail, or manufacturing industries, Smart-Space will provide you with the facilities you need to ramp up your productivity. As the leading temporary building supplier in the United Kingdom, we can install fully insulated buildings and a welcoming environment to keep your products safe.

Types of Temporary Structures We Offer

The different kinds of industrial buildings you can source from Smart-Space include temporary and permanent industrial facilities as well as production and manufacturing buildings.

Our flexible industrial spaces can be quickly installed on almost any surface at a most affordable price.

Have the flexibility to fine-tune your manufacturing and production capacity as and when the need arises. Any fluctuations in your business production capacity don’t have to be a headache. Our state-of-the-art facilities will make a big difference in the overall performance of your enterprise.

Smart-Space UK offers 4 basic building designs to meet your demands.  While each unit type is suitable for different needs, we can help you decide on the best option for your type of business.

·        Temporary industrial buildings

One most striking feature of these facilities is that they are readily relocatable. We guarantee you the quickest way to boost your capacity within the shortest possible time.

Temporary industrial structures are very affordable. Having said that, their insulation may be limited, which essentially means they can be more expensive to run if you require heating systems for your workers to use these structures.

·        Insulated industrial buildings

Improved insulation may be necessary if workers will need to work inside the temporary buildings. Order your insulated industrial building to provide a comfortable environment for your workforce while lowering your running costs.

Are you a manufacturing business owner who is searching for a temporary production space? Our insulated Smart-Space temporary buildings will be the best solution.

·        Steel industrial buildings

Looking for durable insulated buildings to install without any hassle? Consider investing in our steel industrial buildings. They are quick to erect, and at the same time, fully compliant with fire safety regulations.

Permanent factory buildings are also cost-effective alternatives to brick-and-mortar structures. Contact Smart-Space for a long-lasting solution to your manufacturing business.

·        Clear span industrial buildings

Smart-Space’s determination to help companies maximize their productivity can be seen in our Maxi-Space buildings. They are designed to allow you to install an industrial factory or a manufacturing site under a single span roof.

Typically, buildings with a single clear span of 60 m with infinite length and a clear working headroom of 12 m are possible with Smart-Space. You may even be able to install them with mezzanine floors.

You can quickly and easily expand your existing space or create an entirely new industrial building on any available space at your site.

3 Good Reasons to Choose Smart-Space Temporary Buildings

·        Increase your comfort & protection

Whether you are looking for uninsulated roof covers, wall cladding, or condensation-resistant roofs, our industrial buildings fall within your budget while offering you the highest level of comfort and protection.

·        Short Construction Timescales

You don’t have to wait for several months before your building will be ready to use. In fact, our projects are executed with relatively short timescales — as fast as 7 to 28 days after receiving your order.

·        With several years of experience in the temporary building space, we boast a proven track record of successful installations.

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