Student Accommodation in Exeter for Students 

Student Accommodation

Many students migrate to other places to study further. So, they should seek accommodation in new places. Every student cannot find accommodation in apartments, independent homes or large private halls because they are expensive. The students should consider some points when seeking for accommodation such as price, safety, health and hygiene, etc. The students should be able to study and not become distracted due to factors such as noise, etc. The student accommodation Exeter provides accommodation to the students of Exeter. Exeter is an ancient city in Southwest England. So, many people go to Exeter because the University of Exeter is situated here. 

Types of accommodation for students

The types of accommodation for students are private halls, privately rented houses, family stays, university halls or rooms, halls of residence etc some of the students reside in luxurious homes such as studios, en-suites, suites, etc


A studio is a place that contains an attached bathroom, comfy beds, a living room and a kitchenette. It is a medium-sized or a small room that is well-furnished. A student can live comfortably with his friend or individually. These studios are sometimes located in apartments also. It is known as a self-contained apartment or a bedsitter. It does not contain any partition. This room is also known as an alcove studio that separates a small area. The students can enjoy their stay in these luxurious rooms.


It is a room containing a bed and an attached bathroom. But this room does not have a kitchenette. It is a well-furnished room that contains an area for sleeping and spending time with guests or friends. En suite means a bathroom attached to a bedroom. Sometimes a master bedroom consists of an en suite bathroom. It is a luxurious room and well-furnished like the studios. The students can live independently and enjoy their privacy. So, the student accommodation Exeter provides accommodation facilities to the students. Most of the en-suites contain wardrobes. 

Halls of residence

These halls are generally owned by the universities and usually, the students studying in the first year can only accommodate in these rooms. The students who are living away from their parents can comfortably accommodate in the halls. Usually, the students studying in the first year usually require security and safety. So, they should comfortably reside in the University halls. They cannot afford to buy expensive homes and hence they should comfortably accommodate in the halls of residence. Some students even live in dormitories. The students can enjoy various options such as self-catering services or ensuite shared bathrooms also. These halls are usually large and the students can live together and discuss their academic problems.

Private room or a house

The student lives in a rented room and it is one of the best accommodation for a student. The landlord also lives in the same house and lets out a room on a rental basis. 

Flat Share 

It is one of the private accommodation places for students and the students can rent property along with their friends. Usually, the rental charges of an apartment are higher. So, a student usually cannot afford to pay the rental charges individually. If you stay along with your friends, then you can share the rent. The students can live comfortably in a spacious home and spend time together. They can study together and discuss their academic problems. They can also help each other in times of need. They can live independently in a bedroom and share kitchen and bathroom. Some apartments also contain separate bathrooms and toilets also. 

Private flat

If a student can afford to pay higher rental charges, then he or she can live in a private flat. They can enjoy living comfortably and independently in a home. You can study independently and use a kitchen and a bedroom independently. So, in the private flat, you can live independently and meet your friends whenever you need.

Private house room

A student cannot afford to buy an expensive home or a 2BHK apartment individually because they are not breadwinners. But the students can live in a private room and pay the rent to the landlord that is affordable. You can live independently and the landlord may serve you food at the table. The students can study independently in a room. As the student is living with the landlord, he or she can live safely. The students who are studying in their first or second year can live in a private room house.

Living in a private flat

If a student is living in a private flat, then they can enjoy sharing with the other students. They can enjoy their own company and they can also spend time in their social circle. They can live independently or along with their friends. 

Private sector hall of residence

The students should live in a University-owned hall and they are even more expensive than the private sector hall. The students usually live here for 52 weeks. So, you can stay long with different types of friends from various universities. You can spend time with your friends and become socialized with them. 

The points that students should consider to look for suitable accommodation

The students should live in a comfortable place that is free from miscreants. They should not be distracted due to noise. The students should be able to attain academic success whenever they live. So, the students should select a place that is suitable to them throughout their academic career. The students should find the right place and at the right price. They should be able to live comfortably with the landlord if they are living in a private room or a private home.

The students should find a roommate using extensive community. The student accommodation Exeter provides accommodation facilities to the students and the students can find the best home. The students should be able to study comfortably and also socialize whenever they want. They should be able to visit the groceries, ATM or their university anytime. So, their home should be located near the groceries, ATM or their university. 

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