How Mobile Apps Are Bringing Growth for Startups in Dubai

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The mobile apps are taking our business to the next level. The mobile applications are being used globally from start-ups to an established business. Mobile applications have also helped lots of startups in Dubai. The apps are helping start-ups in several ways. Many corporations have changed their business and shifted to online.

Apps provide better business and brand awareness. People apps websites rather than websites. Mobile apps are ruling on every business from the finance sector to education. As per Statista, In 2017, 65 percent of respondents stated that mobile apps are giving value to the business in Dubai.

The above figure tells us that there is potential in the market for apps for startups. The mobile apps are attracting all types of business from startups to well established. The mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia is investing in mobile apps in large amounts.  So here in this article, we will discuss how apps are bringing growth for startups in Dubai.

Mobile Apps are Bringing Growth for Startups

Here are the reasons apps are bringing growth for startups in Dubai:

  1. Mobile Apps Increase Efficiency
  • The start-ups need visibility in the market. Apps help start-ups to gain visibility and its various advertising tools help start-ups to increase productivity.
  1. Mobile Apps Enhance User Engagement
  • Apps support user engagement and boost its bond with customers. Apps increase customer loyalty and retention rate.
  • Mobile helps to decrease the risk of customer churn rate. It retains customers for the long term and visible your business in front of customers.
  1. Powerful Responsiveness
  • Mobile apps take less time as compare to websites. A fully set up app helps start-ups to solve the problem, analytics, and data estimation.
  • As we already discussed users prefer apps because it gives them instant information and quick results.
  1. Mobile Apps Push Notifications
  • Apps remind users about new updates, discounts, and gifts. Start-ups gain user trust and brand awareness.
  • Other things like exclusive offers, new deals, and products help them to inform us about your start-up.
  1. Apps Strengthen Customer Relationships
  • As apps remind about every new update, so it automatically strengthens your relationship with customers.
  • The apps also gather data about customer desires and interests. It helps start-ups to research users and optimize the app accordingly.


No matter whether your business is a start-up or newly established, you have to adopt mobile application technology for a better user experience. As being a start-up, you not only focus on apps but also study the market trends. The mobile app helps your business to gain visibility and brand awareness but at the same time, you need to provide what your customers want.

All the above 5 points tell us how mobile applications are helping start-ups in Dubai. There is always a gap that you to fulfil by giving your services.Apps extensively help you. We hope this article covers every possible point and helped you to understand how apps bringing growth to start-ups in Dubai.

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