Some unique gifts for the health nut in your life

Unique Gifts for the Health Nut in Your Life

Everyone has that one health nut in their family, circle of friends, or co-workers. They love to talk about the newest trends in healthy lifestyles, and they are absolutely dedicated to focusing on bettering themselves. This coincidentally makes them very easy to shop for unique gifts.

Finding a good, but unique  gift for these health nuts in your life is going to be an easy task because they’ve already told you exactly what they are into. Using this list, you can find the right gift for their fitness journey.


Not everyone is on the CBD train just yet, but it doesn’t take long to see why more people are buying into the hype. It’s not just hype, either. CBD does work for many health reasons, and private label CBD oil is a quick but useful gift for the health nut you know that wants to stay natural. Whether it’s back pain or helping your mood, CBD is a great unique gifts for the health aficionado you know.

Essential oils

Another great oil-based gift is essential oils. These useful little holistic oils have a wide range of benefits, but most importantly, they work well when used with infusers. They are excellent for anyone who needs some medicinal benefits, but wants to stray more on the natural side of things. They’re small, but a great gift that can be just what they need for their health product collection.

Vegan protein

If the health nut you know is heavily into working out (and we’re sure they are), you might want to consider getting them a plant-based, vegan protein powder. These powders are among the best money can buy on the market, and they aren’t that expensive, either. Some of them contain an incredible amount of nutrients, so they can provide them with every little need for their daily intake of vitamins or minerals and macronutrients. Even if they aren’t vegan, they’d love it.

Resistance bands

For the home workout warrior that loves to get some extra exercise out, no matter if they’re stuck in their home office toiling away at work. Resistance bands come in different resistance levels, but they usually come in a full set, so you can always find a good amount whatever their level of tolerance is. Resistance bands are a smart way to help them get in some extra fitness without having to spend too large.

Nalgene water bottle

Last but not least, everyone needs a good water bottle. The most important nutrient of all is water, and staying hydrated all day is a must, so you want to give them a nice, reliable water bottle that lasts the test of time. A good Nalgene will keep them hydrated all day, whatever they’re up to.

Getting gifts for people is hard when you don’t know their hobbies or interests, but it’s the complete opposite when they are so invested in a lifestyle that’s impossible to miss. That’s what happens with those fitness nuts in your life, so these gift ideas are easy to come by just in time for the final holiday push.

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