Simple tips to make sales training more effective

Sales Training

Sales training is an absolute necessity if you want a sales team that doesn’t just rack up impressive numbers, but does it with predictable consistency.

Sure, you can hire experienced sales reps that boast years of experience. However, doing so will still leave you with challenges like unpredictable rep ramp-up time and other problems with customer expectations.

Without training, your team of expert sellers will all sell your offerings in their own way. This means, your customers will be dealing with inconsistent experiences.

When all this happens, it is easy to imagine why your customers will not be happy. However, the situation may also hamper the morale of your sales team and in worst cases, may lead to high employee turnover.

That’s why sales training is an indispensable part of achieving success with a sales team.

With that said, sales training is more than simply practicing a script. If you want to truly overcome the problems and challenges mentioned above, you must focus on making your sales training impactful.

Here are a few tips that will enable you to do that:

Use The Right Technology

Training technology has come a long way and today, there are tools available that make training more accessible, engaging, and in turn, impactful. From learning management systems to authoring tools, today’s elearning tools can make providing training less labour intensive and more efficient.

The best part is, many of these software will be compatible for an integration with your current Salesforce CRM. With a salesforce integration training software, you can provide your sales resources with training experience within the Salesforce platform.

This way, they have on-demand access to training material on a platform that they are already familiar with, making training more accessible.

Go Beyond The Sales Call

Closing a sale is rarely a one call affair these days. These days, there is an entire sales cycle that a potential customer goes through before they are convinced to pay for an offering.

Thus, it only makes sense to train your sales team to enable them to efficiently handle all the aspects of the sales cycle for your customers.

This is especially important because sales cycles differ greatly in different companies, even those competing for the same audience. This means, your sales reps should not just be prepared to handle all the customer interactions leading up to the sale, but should also be prepared to handle the post-sale interactions.

This way, you will be able to smoothen the customer onboarding process and reduce customer churn by ensuring your customers are treated to a consistent and positive experience before and after the sale is completed.

Take Advantage Of Social Learning

Most sales reps are social individuals. In fact, it is one of the qualities that heavily influences their chances of success as a sales professional.

Hence, it is a great idea to promote social learning within your sales team. Social learning is learning from others around you. It is an effective way to learn, especially when we realise that all of us have learnt literally everything from others.

In the case of a sales team, social learning will not just enable slow learners and underperformers to seek the expertise of top performers, it will also enable you to ensure that the top performers are not being overlooked during the training. In fact, helping their team members will help your top performers revise whatever they have learnt and enable them to better apply it to drive their own success.


Training a sales team doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking. With the right technology and a holistic approach to training, you can create an unstoppable sales team that consistently overachieves its targets.

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