Simple Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

Machine Learning

We have seen exponential growth in the field of computation and technology in this century. Every day the world is moving towards digitization. The largest advantage of machine learning is that it learns automatically from the data that is fed into the system. In traditional programming, a programmer writes some codes which are then given to the system to interpret and display the output for the given problem. It is a long and tiring process. In machine learning, we take advantage of a large amount of data. We feed a large amount of data to the system, it then studies it and makes a model predicting the output of the problem by itself. Machine learning engineers only have to make sure that the predictions made should be as accurate as possible. This can be done by choosing the right set of data.

This has made the world of machine learning highly competitive with new players entering it every day. A career in machine learning has been touted by many as the need of the future. People who pursue a career in machine learning are known as machine learning engineers. Machine learning is a rapidly evolving field. Each day something new gets added to it. So the students studying in this field must always keep themselves updated. People can start training in machine learning by enrolling themselves in a Machine Learning certification course from a well-trusted and authentic organization. You should also make sure that the course must cover all the important topics of machine learning. It must cover the basics of machine learning as well as advanced topics. The certificate which you will get after the completion of the machine learning certification course will be valuable. It will help you to build a strong portfolio and will be recognized by various companies in this field. 

Books are trusted sources for knowledge in any field. But practical hands-on experience is as important as theoretical knowledge. The best way to do it is to work on some machine learning projects as a beginner. These projects will give you valuable experience and skills in machine learning which you can always show off in your portfolio. Machine learning is being extensively used in different industries such as medical, technology, agriculture, etc. Here is a list of some beginner machine learning projects which will help you get an edge over others:

  1. Stock price predictor

Stock predictors are in high demand and companies want these to monitor the stock prices and their investments. It is also a very good beginner project. You need to build software that can predict the future prices of the stocks. A lot of data is present on stock markets which comes in handy while working on this project. It is also an excellent project for someone who is learning machine learning with interest in the financial field. Also, it is important to note that one must have prior knowledge of concepts like regression analysis, action analysis, predictive analysis, statistical modelling.

  1. Improving Health care

Machine learning is doing great in reducing the stress of doctors globally. The medical field is also a rapidly growing industry. Better facilities and systems are incorporated in the process of treatment of various diseases regularly. It helps in digitizing the patients’ records and developing systems that can scan reports and help in suggesting an accurate diagnosis to the patient. You can make premium adjusting software for insurance based on the risk factor of the disease. You can also make predictive models which will use the data to predict the occurrence of a certain disease so that it may be treated beforehand.

  1. Fake news detection projects

The Internet is a powerful tool that is highly useful but can also cause a lot of damage if mishandled. In this era of social media and information, fake news has become a big menace. Fake news spreads like wildfire. Fake news can have very adverse effects which include affecting the results of an election. You can build a fake news detector that will detect and mark fake news. Almost all social media companies are using this software to mark and remove fake news from their platforms. You can use genuine news and fake news to build a model that will differentiate between these two. You can also use NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to detect fake news.

  1. Music Genre Classification

In this project, you need to build software that will automatically classify music into different genres such as classical, rap. Country, blues, r&b, etc. It uses the pitch of the sound to train itself to classify music into different genres.

  1. Image regeneration of old reels

We all have those old photograph albums at our home which houses so many memories. But since they are in a physical form, they are highly vulnerable to damage. But machine learning can save us from this problem. Using machine learning we can restore an old and damaged photo. We can also use machine learning to colourize old black and white photos. Machine learning is also used to restore paintings from the ancient world.

  1. Prediction of loan for an individual

People are taking up more loans from their banks. Loan grants involve a lot of paperwork which makes it a long and exhaustive process. We can build software that will predict how much loan an individual needs based on his requirements. This will cut short a lot of processes and overall the process will become hassle-free.

  1. Image recognition

It is an easy project to build. You can train the machine learning software to identify objects, places, detect faces and recognize them. Image recognition is a lot similar to how humans process images. It is used extensively by our smartphones to unlock using face detection. It has wide use in robotics and self-driving cars. Self-driving cars use this system to identify different types of objects on the road. This is a really useful project to work on. It will surely boost your work profile in the field of machine learning.

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