Being a Scrummaster, Should I Go for a Pmp or Pmi-acp to Improve My Skill Set?


Pmp or pmi-acp training is one of the most grueling yet fun-filled experiences. It is a very rewarding life after you complete the PMP training. PMI is the institute that conducts the Pmp or pmi-acp examination, and it is safe to say that it helps in producing many talented individuals who later go on to work in several top-tier companies. There are a lot of dilemmas over which training is right for PMP; we would try to look up some major factors that would help us answer this question. 

Training in PMP vs. ACP

Training for PMP examination can be easily done by revision of basics. Books can be a great help for this as they are carefully written by a culmination of several top authors who are entrusted with the job of providing quality content for the aspirants to refer to. There are also several journals and magazines produced daily, which help the aspirants to get a better insight into things going on regarding the exam. It is now a widely recognized fact that PMP with the proper set of training and modules can yield very successful results. It has also been witnessed that aspirants who are determined from day 1 rarely fail to achieve the target, and it is a must to keep in touch with the training modules and course material. 

PMI ACP Certification is based on the modern agile methodologies and will help a Scrum Master. The PMI-ACP training is more suited to a Scrum Master. The unique course of ACP has proven to be very industry and trainee-friendly. 

Resources to Gain Knowledge

PMI handbook can be very helpful to make this journey less difficult. You need to give sufficient time to handbooks like these. Several aspects of agile management are discussed in this book, with the first phase covering the best agile practices, which also happens to be the most important aspect of agile management. In the last part, you will read about the instructions available to pursue a pmp or pmi-acp certification. A detailed document called Examination Content Outline is available for the candidates on the PMI website. Candidates can go through it and study the material to get additional help in that topic. It is generally preferred by a large number of candidates so that they avoid the last-minute rush. Attending 35 hours of PMP training will even refine the candidates; they are taught concepts that will turn them into potential leaders of agile teams and which in turn can fulfill their dream. It is also a compulsion rather than a tip, which is a necessary pre-requisite demanded by the PMP exam.

The concepts one might miss out on while doing self-study can be understood clearly here. You have to follow a strict schedule as it is classroom training. Following a strict schedule is one aspect a candidate has a risk of missing out while studying on their own. There are also, online training course, which provides you with the essence of classroom training and at the same time are very cheaper than them. So, with less investment, you get the same or maybe more profit. You can learn easily by sitting in your home, which makes sure that it eliminates the grueling and tiresome schedule of classroom training. Utilizing and preparing time charts is a conventional yet very effective measure. Books and resources should be thoroughly followed by the candidates in order to crack this exam. It requires a clear understanding of the terminologies and methodologies of the environment you will work in. One should divide and distinguish the syllabus in order to understand the course with minute details. It advised going in this method as it has a high success rate as said by the individuals already working in this field. In order to engage and truly become part of an Agile team.


In contrast to PMI-ACP, the PMI certification is a traditional method and is called the waterfall method. There are several differences between the Agile and Waterfall method. However, some of the most important distinctions are planning, development, and the testing phases of the software under development. The planning phase in the waterfall method takes more time in comparison to its agile counterpart. The project managers here design the documentation and information so that the product is developed. Therefore, Scrum Masters should find an ACP certification more valuable. 

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