Hassle-free Converter: 4 Benefits You Can Gain When Using a PDF Bear Online Tool

PDF Converter

Hassle-free Converter: Many people say that converting HTML files to PDF files is a tough job, and I agree with that kind of perspective. However, let’s not settle with that kind of thinking and start believing that everything is possible once you pursue what you really want to achieve instead. There’s no such thing as impossible, Buddy! Technology offers us everything that we need, we only need to do a few clicks to discover things!

By the way, let’s first tackle a few pieces of information about HTML’s background. HTML is an abbreviated term for Hypertext Markup Language; the reason why HTML existed is to create documents that will be exhibited on the Web. The first form of HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990; this man collaborated with Engineer Robert Cailliau to ask assistance in terms of funding, but CERN turned down the project in the same year it was launched. 

Since we already have knowledge about HTML, let’s now proceed to our main topic, and that’s knowing what’s the best converter today. Converting will be an arduous process if you haven’t grasped the best tool; if you found the one, then no one can’t stop you from converting files to PDFs! 

But if you’re still in the phase of finding the best converter, you can take a look with our PDF Bear Online tool. If this is the first time you heard about this converter, we’ll help you get to know it more by dropping a few benefits that you can acquire once you use this tool. 

The Process Is Easy

This converter is very convenient to use, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to converting files, Pal! Firstly, you need to find or prepare an HTML file, if you already have the document, copy and paste its URL in the box given at the center. 

After pasting it, immediately click the Convert to PDF button to commence the conversion. Once the conversion process ended, you can now download the document. When you convert HTML to PDF files using the PDF Bear online tool, you’ll get the file within just a couple of seconds, Pal!

PDF Bear Premium Features

Tools that think about their user’s privacy are already good reasons to believe that it’s reliable and trustworthy, right? But the PDF Bear online tool is not just limited to that, it has a lot of features that are undoubtedly beneficial to everyone who wants to have a premium account.

If you want to avail the PDf Bear premium, you can do limitless jobs with maximum documents and huge file sizes, and have a maximum number of OCR tasks without sacrificing your document’s quality even if you compress it. The Compression feature also gives you two choices: Strong Compression and Medium Compression, but all of these choices don’t ruin the quality of your document, so there’s nothing to fret about. 

Besides that, you will also eliminate the annoying advertisement that appears every once in a while on our screen. The subscription was costly before; its original price was 299.99 USD for a one-year subscription, but if you don’t want to go for that, for now, you can have their monthly service, it only costs 14.99 USD. 

They Prioritize Your Safety and Privacy

This tool will never be recommended to everyone if its features aren’t beneficial to the users. The things you can acquire once you use this tool are, your privacy is fully secured and safe; one of the best moves that guarantee that they’re after your safety and privacy is they automatically delete all the documents or URLs that you’ve pasted in their website. 

Can Be Accessed by Any Platform

Aside from their tight security, it’s also accessible for any platform such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. This will be a helpful converter for those who want to convert HTML to PDf files, right, Buddy?


Investing for a tool is really scary, I know; the idea that it might only be a waste of money scares us, but the only way to avoid it is sighting the reliable ones. If you want to be rescued from mountains of paperwork, just visit their website, and PDF Bear will be there to rescue you!

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